Vastu for Entrance Main Door

Vastu plays a great role for home entrance as main door is the main opening to your house from where energies (positive or negative) enter and exit. In case entrance door is located in a favorable direction, then the house will bloom and inmates will enjoy love, prosperity and happiness. On the other hand, if some havoc is occurring along with unreasonable conflicts and mysterious illnesses, then there is no denying the fact that negative energies are entering in a home. In most of the cases bad location of entrance door is responsible for this.

In one of our vastu for entrance main door articles we have already explained how the auspicious and inauspicious directions for the main entrance in a house cast good vs. ill effects upon the people dwelling inside the home. Visit our past article to know more.

Before starting on entrance vastu, you must be aware of the importance that the Nine Key Planets (Nav Grah) plays in the foundation of a house. You would be surprised to learn that each of these planets rules a certain part or corner of the house. Their blessings or curse could be invoked by honoring the places they reside in. Click here to know about what are these nine key planets and their locations.

In this article we shall elaborate upon the qualities that must be inculcated in while constructing the main door of your house. Furthermore we will share some great tips which must be kept in mind while purchasing any already-built house.


Let’s Talk Vastu Entrance Directions:

As a thumb rule northeast is termed the best direction for main door; southeast direction comes close to second most favorable direction. However one must avoid at all costs the placement of the door in the corners of the walls. As you can see in the picture above, we have marked the walls (all directions), how you can avoid the corners and build the entrance door little farther from them.

Main door of a house is the prime attraction point. That is why many people take great pains to consult home designers and plan out the best looking grand entrance. Why they do take so much efforts? Because the grander, the more beautiful and the more auspiciously located the door is, the more prosperity, good fortune and harmony the house and its inhabitants enjoy.


Characteristics of the Main Entrance Door Good Vastu

  • Bigger than others. The main door is devoted as the mouth of the “Vastu Purusha” and so it must be kept bigger than all the other doors of the house. Height must kept at least double its width. Keep it grand and elegant, and simply beautiful.
  • There should be no screeching or squeaking sound coming out while opening or closing the door. If it happens quickly oil the hinges yourself or else call the mechanic to replace the door. Any disturbing sounds thus produced create ripples of disharmony inside the house and thus discord within the family.
  • Do not forget to build a threshold outside the door. Threshold symbolically guards prosperity as it avoids wealth loss
  • Employ the use of Toran in entrance door. Toran (Bandanwal, refer to a decorative door hanging ) eliminates negative energy and attracts wealth towards the house
  • Create a beautiful nameplate on the house entrance door as it bounds the territory and gives it a good look. A solid made, attractive nameplate attracts prosperity and happiness
  • In Hinduism there is a great significance of drawing the pictures or statues of “Ganesha”, “Lakshmi” or “Kuber”. One can also draw auspicious Hindu symbols like “Om” or the “Swastika” or any symbol of devotion and faith as opera your religion

Entrance/Main Door Energy

< Energy in a house must always be freely flowing. It shouldn’t stay stuck at a place or at any corner in a house. You must have seen how the atmosphere and energy feels ominous and disturbing inside a house where abusive relationships thrive. On the other hand the energy feels like a soothing balm inside that of a peaceful family house.

Therefore always make sure that energy around the entrance door must be freely flowing to and from.


Entrance Door Free Flowing of Positive Energy

  • Circular, slanting and sliding opening entrance doors are strictly ‘No’. Also self closing doors are pretty bad choice for main entrance of a house. Same goes with the windows; make sure that you don’t have arched doors and windows in your house. Either they be square or rectangular
  • There should not be any kind of obstructions in front of the main door. For example, staircase, huge tree, electric pole, rail tracks etc
  • Your entrance door must not be facing any temple or other religious site or cemetery.
  • Keep your entrance devoid of shadow. Make sure that the entrance is not getting darkened by shadows coming from big buildings, tress or any other structure etc
  • There should not be a wall in front of the main door. The entrance door must not be facing the main door of someone else’s house. In such a case, you could be either the receptor of residual negative energy of other house or the one who is loosing out on positive energy that is leaking away towards other’s house

If conditions are such as the entrance in your ready-made house is in unfavorable location, then you may mitigate the bad effects by using Feng Shui. More on Feng Shui on further articles…