A house must be structured according to Vastu shastra wherein the nine planets are established as per their auspicious direction. Vastu dictates placement and importance of main doors and main gates including the kitchen, rooms and all. Vastu shastra for house casts major positive impact on the lives of the people living in that house.

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The sun or Surya is the chief of the Navagraha, namely the nine Classical planets and the other important elements of Hindu Astrology. Its location is in North-eastern corner in prayer room. The right location of sun in home enhances the good health of inhabitants and bestows abundance upon them. (Good employment opportunities).

Moon :-

The location of Moon is in East in bathroom. This enhances abundance, name and fame of the inhabitants.

Mars :-

The Location of Mars is in South-eastern corner in the Kitchen. It affects the character, intelligence, wealth and abundance of the inhabitants.

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Mercury :-

Its location is in the front porch or the reception hall of the house. The Mercury has also its place in any room of the house that is specific for studies or business, as it enhances the business, communication and knowledge.

Jupiter :-

Its location is in North or North-eastern corner, where intellectual pursuits or any such studies are conducted. The Jupiter impacts the character, the intellect and the dignity of the person.

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Venus :-

Starting from the south till West, Venus has its location in the dining room, bedroom and powder room. It enhances interpersonal relationships and intimacy in a couple.

Saturn :-

Its location is in West or North-Western corner in the stable where pets are kept. Saturn impacts a person’s wit and intellect, and the real estate affairs.

Rahu and Ketu :-

Rahu has its location in the right side of the entrance door while Ketu has its place on the left side. Rahu protects the house by surrounding it from all the four sides and affects the integrity of the person, his or her mental condition (consciousness) and stomach. Ketu enhances the abundance and prosperity of the entire generation!

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