If you ever hear of someone incorporating astrology into medicine and healthcare, well, just don’t dismiss the idea like some crazy notion instead remain open minded to see through the pure logic! Astrology is popularly known for horoscopes. What is a horoscope? It is but predictions of how a person’s life will turn out given his or her date and time of birth, and position of the stars at that time. Now give a thought to this: What is a medical prognosis? It is (also) a prediction of how a person’s life will turn out given his or her current health details or any symptoms. Carefully predicted health astrology by date of birth of a person can foretell any impending incidents including accident, prolonged illness, diagnosis, and other negative symptoms. Also health astrology by moon sign can easily forecast any bad health issues. Inauspicious positioning of planets sends siren call for a serious illness. Did you know that the first house represents your body as a whole? By looking at the Ascendant, the natal health issues can be found out. If the Ascendant itself is free of any ominous influences, then a person’s health will be good. However, any association or aspect of natural malefic like Rahu, Saturn, Mars and Ketu proves detrimental to the person’s health. Luckily, if Venus or Jupiter is the ruler of the Ascendant, that will cast good fortune on the person and provide him with a glowing health. A strong way to overcoming illnesses is the natural vitality. A person’s life force is shown by eighth house of his birth chart; it also shows longevity — how long will the person live. A strong eighth house implies good karma that will help the person overcome all obstacles in life and regenerate good health all life. The above mentioned facts are round one of health astrology, since there are always some exceptions in medical astrology. For example, though Saturn is considered as the planet that bears down suffering on any person and hence detrimental to his or her health. However, its position in eighth house of birth chart blesses the person with a long life, since Saturn symbolizes endurance! In health astrology, each house is attributed for the good or bad health of particular body parts. So, any affliction or inauspicious positioning of planets in any house will signal to the vulnerability to illness of the particular area of the body.

Houses and Which Parts of Your Body They Correspond:-

Planet House Body Parts
First house Head and general health
Second House Mouth, teeth and neck
Third House Shoulders, arms and hands, and upper lungs
Fourth House Heart, lungs and chest
Fifth house Stomach and digestive tract
Seventh house Pelvic area and rectum
Eighth house Genitals (endurance in life)
Ninth house Hips and thighs
Tenth house Knees – joints
Eleventh house Lower legs
Twelfth house Feet and ankles

The Planets Govern our Health; They Govern Specific Body Functions and the Body Anatomy.

Sun Bones, Spine and heart — Vitality
Moon Heart-mind, body fluids, stomach, breasts, blood — Psychological balance of body
Mars Blood circulation and muscles
Jupiter Body fats, liver and gall bladder
Venus Kidneys, female organs, hormones, genital system
Mercury Nervous system, speech, intellect and skin
Saturn Mouth, knees and body joints

Apart from the general planets, there are natural malefic planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu that also depict certain areas of ill health.

  • Mars indicates accidents, surgery, injury, fevers and common Infections
  • Saturn symbolizes exhaustion, chronic conditions, rising debility and depression
  • Rahu forecasts cancer, loss of consciousness, unusual diseases and poisons
  • Ketu brings upon mysterious diseases that often have unseen and incomprehensible causes such as viruses and parasites. Even very strange karmic diseases

Additional Information About health Astrology:

The sixth house in general is considered to be the main house of Health and Illness. So, the presence of any planet positioned in this house will bring certain problems to the body parts of the person that planet corresponds to. Besides, the planet that owns the astrological sign in the sixth house shadows the entire part of the birth chart with the energy of ill health and makes the person highly vulnerable to diseases in the body parts that house symbolizes. Together all these factors determine the health of a person. A health astrologer by looking and deeply studying the birth chart of a person can tell that when certain problems would start showing up in particular body parts. Health astrology can save a life from being shadowed by diseases and incomprehensible illness. At Today Astrology, we provide free health predictions that will help you keep away from harmful elements that could disturb the balance of your body and create bad health. You can also order elaborate medical astrology reports, health astrology by date of birth reports and health astrology by moon sign reports.