Clutter Free House: Easy hacks to make house clutter free

Many people have the habit of storing old things even when they know they wouldn’t need this stuff in the future. It is hard for people to let go of not only material things in their house but also non- material things in their life. However Vaastu suggests that keeping old, useless things in one’s space leads to “clutter”, which has very negative consequences in life. Clutter first of all blocks the healthy flow of energy that is very harmful to the key balance. Furthermore it casts harmful effects on our mind and body.

What is Clutter?

“Clutter” is created by piling up of old, broken things which are not in use anymore. Anything remaining from the past which is of no use to us is part of clutter. Additionally anything which is a past remnant or residual from what is no more in existence and which works only in further evoking negative memories and thus causing us pain is also a part of “clutter”.
If you take a sweeping look across in your home you will find lots of junk like old clothes, boxes, bottles, newspapers, bags, shoes, cartons etc.
Each and every item in our house emits energy. Old, useless and broken items stored for indefinite period of time blocks the energy flow in and around the house. As per the Feng Shui experts, even the old wedding albums and video also form clutter.

What are the Negative Effects of Clutter House?

Below todayastrology have compiled the list of negative effects which clutter has upon the people living in that space.  You will be surprised to find how many ill-symptoms you too are suffering from that heap of old bottles and cartons in your basement.
Headaches and Tension Because of too many useless things lying around in the house, it weighs heavy on head and creates unexplainable tension in body.
Negativity When our space is a state of total disorder and chaos due to the cluttered objects, it induces negativity in us. You feel irritated most of the times and are unable of doing things at the right time.
Lack of Clarity and Unexpected Planning When large amounts of old and unnecessary objects occupy living space, mysteriously very less space remains in our minds too leading to lack of clarity. When we are not clear while taking certain decisions that results in unexpected or delayed execution of our plans.
Clumsiness People get clumsy in their life when their house is full with old, useless and broken items. They are clumsy in behaviour and different fields of their life also depict total mess.
Lack of Harmony Clutter at home leads to lack of harmony between family members. More and more disagreements, fights and lack of understanding start taking place giving birth to contempt in heart and chaos in mind.
A Feeling of Insecurity You keep storing old and useless things because you think you might need them someday. It results in greed for material things. With time fear of losing things creeps up on you and you become insecure in regard to not only non living things but also living things like people in your life.
Laziness, Procrastination and Obesity Clutter in house blocks you too from receiving positive energy. Lack of positivity and lack of clarity in mind makes you incapable of meeting positive decisions. You turn lazy and procrastinate things helping the pile of old stuck things grow up and create more negativity.
To get rid of the overwhelming negativity you must start de-cluttering your space and throw out all the unnecessary, old and useless items lying around in your home.

How to keep House Clutter Free?

Sometimes when too much negativity caused by clutter all around us pulls us down, we become incapable to think straight and take steps towards de-clutter and cleanse our space.
Hence it is advised to start the process of de-cluttering step by step. The best way of tackling this problem is de-cluttering your house in small quantity and taking one small portion of home at a time.

Tips and Tricks to help you free your Living Space from all the Clutter:-

Clutter Free House Tips (Detour) First take your time, and walk through each room and corner of your house. Just observe which things are precious to you and which items you don’t use at all. This will help you differentiate which items are useful and which form a part of clutter.
Clutter Free House Tips 2 (Energy Check) If at any point of time you find it hard to decide whether an item is useful to you or not, check whether retaining it feels uplift in your energy levels. Every object emits a certain vibration. Generally the objects good for us gives off a welcoming vibration.
Clutter Free House Tips 3 (Starting off Small) After when you are clear in your decisions regarding what is useful to you and what not. Choose any small space in your home, for example your bathroom or your kitchen and remove the things you considered to be useless. As soon as you are done de-cluttering this small space you will feel a visible and considerable lightness in your energy and the energy of the house.
Clutter Free House Tips 4 (Sort and Organize) To free your home entirely from the clutter, sort the objects properly and organize them as per their use. This will further help you in recognizing the things you don’t normally require but only were keeping it out of greed.
Clutter Free House Tips 5 (Bring Music in your Space) Invite the healing effect of sound while you de-clutter your home. This way the emptied space will immediately be cleansed by positive vibration and full with positivity.
Clutter Free House Tips 6 (Do it Daily) Everybody has a habit of accumulating things and this we do on daily basis. We pick up items anywhere that appeal to us but are of no real use to us. Therefore de-cluttering and throwing away useless items is necessary on daily basis. Additionally it helps easing the task when taken after a long time.
Clutter whether in material form or in non-material form creates energy blockage and holds people back. It blocks progress, positivity and healthy flow of abundance and higher uplifting energy. Unknown to people, each piece of useless and broken item holds an invisible string to its owner that bogs him down and dampens his spirit.
Hence one must get rid of physical and mental clutter from one’s living space and life. It is of utmost importance for one’s mental, physical as well as spiritual progress.

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