Pisces Personality Traits: Compassionate and Humble old soul

Been through all, yet this tough to express;

The deep waters inside are hard to supress!

Pisces Personality Traits: Pisces advocate Submission- I believe! This astrological sign teaches humanity that love is compassion, it is humility. However, the one lesson Pisces need to learn and grasp is that Love is the All, it is eternal!!! So, there is no need to woe at a love that is long lost since love loved can never be lost it goes on and on

As a Pisces, you are highly imaginative and intuitive, and these form your strengths as well as your weaknesses. You are deeply spiritual in nature and emotional in expression. Your realm of imagination offers you very little with regards to the day-to-day life, and with such a little reality base, you tend to err and take an escape to the fantasy world where everything is positive and beautiful.

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Your own salvation lies in helping and uplifting those who after being caught in whirlpool of life are sucked into addiction or are still stuck into spiritual confusion.

The Ruler or Key Planet of Pisces: Neptune

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces which vibrates to the number 7. 7 is a great spiritual and metaphysical vibration and its bearer is inclined towards spiritualistic way of living life and exploring the deeper psyches. This vibration brings a deep mystical awareness and sympathetic humility to the Piscean.

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Many great Pisceans have already attained spiritual enlightenment in their lives and generally all are old souls. However, the fishes simultaneously live in two worlds; they have their heaven where they thrive happily but there is also the hell where they wail, weep and silently suffer.

  he secret, mystical wisdom of Neptune tells you that the negativity and ugliness at Earth is not our creator’s plan, and so, a natural urge in you arises to escape from the negative vibration of the planet.

As a Pisces, you tend to avoid all sorts of confrontation and tension through the escape route of artistic creation, daydreams, metaphysical pursuits, philosophical theorizing or even alcohol and drug addiction.

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Pisces often become artists, teachers, mystics, highly intuitive scientists, musicians and nuns. You have a natural compassion for those who suffer and who are troubled. Your soul is familiar with the weaknesses of the human nature and that is what makes you an empath, feeling everyone's pain, trials, worries and apprehensions.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Element: Water

The Pisces element is waters symbolic of the waters of consciousness itself. Water is the element of emotion, and thus, Pisces connects people with the deepest of their emotions. Therefore, they themselves feel their emotions too deeply and too intensely.

Pisces Zodiac Sign: The 12th Horoscope House

The 12th house is the house that denotes astrological recycling. It does not represent the endings but recycles everything that has been learnt since the 1st house. As now the soul has come full circle, so, here the Pisces, in order to realize the beauty of the truth of love and its full power, need to call on the positive aspects of each zodaic sign:

Aries’s innocence, the patience of Taurus, Gemini’s awareness, the queer perception of Cancer, Leo’s humble nobility, the discrimination of Virgo, Libras fair judgment, the penetration of Scorpio, Sagittarius brutal honesty, Capricorn’s widom, and the ideal humanitarianism of Aquarius.

And yet, these many fragments of soul knowledge serve only to confuse Pisces

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Pisces Zodiac Sign Qualities:

The Pisces positive qualities are compassion, humility, sensitivity, spiritual and psychic awareness, philosophic insight, and a great healing potential.

However, if expressed in their negative forms, these very divine talents can turn into weakness of will, timidity, apprehension, daydreaming, masochism and idleness. The utter confusion that the fishes often find themselves facing make them revert to the easier path of passive non-resistance.

A Piscean gains more pleasure and satisfaction in giving and serving others rather than in being served. To these fishes, love symbolizes as willing surrender of ego to the selfless desire of the one!