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Importance Of Vastu Shastra For Main Entrance/Main Door Of A House

Vastu Shastra or Indian Architectural Science is an ancient Indian art which aims to bring harmonious and prosperous living on this planet. Vaastu is built upon the fact that everything in this universe is energy, and so, it’s easy to see that every moment we are surrounded and imbued with this energy that can be

Vastu for Entrance (Main Door)

Vastu plays a great role for home entrance as main door is the main opening to your house from where energies (positive or negative) enter and exit. In case entrance door is located in a favorable direction, then the house will bloom and inmates will enjoy love, prosperity and happiness. On the other hand, if

{Deepawali Puja 2017}दिवाली , Date, Pujan Timing, Vidhi,Dates

Diwali/Deepawali 2017 भारत में हिन्दू धर्म का विशेष पर्व दीपावली अथवा दिवाली कार्तिक माह की अमावस्या को मनाया जाने वाला त्यौहार है. लक्ष्मी जी की पूजा करके उनसे धन-धान्य एवं एश्वर्य की कामना की जाती है. पांच दिन तक चलने वाले इस पर्व में मुख्य रूप से नरक चतुर्दशी, दीपावली, गोवर्धन पूजा और भइया दूज


The month of May had a lot of movement going including the deep, sacred soul interactions and making strong inner choices.

May Spiritual Energy The Three Is: Intuition, Intention and Interaction

A Deep Reflection and open Receptivity are the two keys that highlight the May energy. As the month of May starts with a strong five planet retrograde (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) and ends with three (Saturn, Mars and Pluto), you will feel motivated to recognize the truth of your soul and re-align your

North Facing Vastu House Good Or Bad?

When it comes to purchasing property or building one, most people consider that north facing house are auspicious. However, that’s an awful half-truth. In Vastu Shastra, no direction is bad and also no direction is completely auspicious. There is a variety of rules related to every single direction that need to be carefully followed in

Aries Personality Traits: An Epitome of Raw Courage and Pure Innocence

As the first sign of the zodiac cycle, journeying into the fire element, Aries is the symbolically newborn soul that projects a positive, masculine vibration. By being born under the fiery vitality of Aries planetary ruler, Mars, Arians naturally possess strong sense of purpose and dive into the experiences of life with great zeal. Aries

Daily Horoscopes: 07-Feb-2015

Aries Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday) It might agitate you if you find your goals fading into the air. The current energy does not seem solid but disjointed and this further fuels your anger. Should you indulge in any confrontation, make sure you make it constructive. Remember, you hold the power to bring positive

I resolve – New Year 2016: Resolutions for all Horoscopes

In the beginning of any new year 2016, we feel like standing at the onset of some journey, and truly this journey is both external as well as internal that takes us through new places/new experiences, and new people/new perceptions and habits. Every year, we aim to improve ourselves by breaking free of our old

Pisces Personality Traits: Compassionate and Humble old soul

                                                                                         Been through all, yet this tough to express; The deep waters

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