How to Clear Negative Energy from Your Home

What is Negative Energy?

Negative Energy! What does this term mean and what all this comprises? Negative energy is the energy that is simply not positive and productive. It doesn’t consist of the emotions of love and leaches on inmates’ energy leaving them feeling confused, unbalanced and unhappy with life. Your house can get infused with negative and dark energy due to various different reasons. Some people have negative auras because of their destructive thinking patterns, and when such people arrive in your home, they pollute the energy within. You may literally feel the bad energy left behind by them, swirling around in the space devouring the good vibes.

How to Cleanse Your Home off Negative Vibes?

So, what are the methods through which you can do space energy cleansing and remove the unwanted energies? We will explain that shortly. A lot of these methods and techniques depend on the varied belief systems of people. If you are Christian and believe on using Holy Bible and holy water in order to expunge the unwanted energy, sure thing you can do that. Or if you are Hindu and prefer to read out aloud Hanuman Chalisa or Sundarkand to clear space, then also it’s all fine. A strong Faith and intention is all what is needed. You will also want to know how to create positive aura in your home with the help of Feng Shui. Also read here the common Feng Shui mistakes that most people commit while doing so. The methods and techniques described below belong to no religion, belief system or cult. Anybody can practice them as they are purely non-denominational.

Using Crystals in Absorbing Negative and Impure Energy


Crystals like Amethyst, Snowflake Obsidian and Apache Tears are great at dissipating negative energies from your home. You can place a bowl full of these crystal pieces. Energy enters and exits from the main entrance of a house. So, placing a few pieces of Black Obsidian near the entrance at each corner can be a good way to repel negative energy. Black Obsidian is a powerful, transformative crystal that repels negative or harmful energy. Smokey Quartz and Rose Quartz are other crystals that infuse the energy field with positive, loving energy. I have personally experienced the immense power of Rock crystal Quartz, as I keep a little Quartz pyramid in my study room. This colorless crystal absorbs all the negative and lower vibes, and enhances concentration. However since it absorbs all dark energies keeping the space totally clean, it becomes often too heavy and loaded with non-positive energy and requires daily cleansing.

Sea Salt to Absorb Negative Energy

A lesser known but equally powerful method to absorb negative energy in a home is using sea salt. If you don’t get sea salt you can even use table salt. Simple put a fistful in a bowl and place it in the afflicted area. Change the salt daily and throw out the previous day salt onto the ground. Rock Salt Lamps: Sourced from Indian Himalayan regions, Rock crystal lamps are natural ion generators. These crystals purify their surrounding atmosphere and enhance the positivity all around you. You can get the original Natural Himalayan Rock salt lamps right here. Light them up when you need a deep slumber or just require a responsive environment during your meditation.

The Ancient Art of Smudging


Smudging is an art of using herbs to cleanse the energy around the space. As the smoke disappear so does the negative energy. Burning Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedarwood are some of the popular and commonly used herbs for this practice. You can use this rainbow Abalone Shell with wooden tripod to hold the smudging material. For added benefits you can use a feather to fan the smoke in the corners of your home where you feel the energy is dense.
  • Lighting Incense and Candles lavender-incense-sticks
  If you don’t get herbs in your local area, you can also use incense or candles as another tool to clean your space off unwanted energy. Simply light a candle and few incense sticks and pray over it while holding an intention to clean your space.

Energy Clearing with Sound Vibration

Everything around us living or non living thing has a vibration; it vibrates at specific frequency. Even the peculiar structure of your home has a particular vibration to it. Sound whether audible or not casts an impact upon all people and all matter, physically as well as emotionally :). Different sound frequencies affect the different parts of our body and so the different areas of our life. When we use sound vibrations to clear the energy at our home, it brings an all around improvement in our physical being and mental being. The musical instruments used for energy clearing help dissipating the negative energy and transmuting it into loving, peaceful energy. There are a lot more instruments used for this purpose, but we will talk here about three.

Singing Bowls


Singing Bowls are well known for generating a spiral of cosmic energy and purifying the surrounding environment. These bowls are made from seven metals namely, copper, tin, iron, lead, gold, silver and zinc. Tibetan singing bowls are also used for deep relaxation, stress reduction, chakra balancing, holistic healing and Reiki. A mallet plate around the edge of the singing bowl produces a tone that further builds in volume and intensity, thus generating a transformative energy field. Many people report that the rich blend of harmonic overtones produced by the bells have a healing affect upon their chakras.

Ancient Sanskrit Mantras

Ancient Sanskrit mantras are another great way to purify your home. As you play loud these strings, higher vibration thrums outward and reverberates throughout your body and mind and the space around you. If you fancy significant mantras and chants accompanied with the tunes of flute, sitar and pakhawaj, go for this audio CD “Sacred Mantras of India” by White Swan Music. It contains important mantras from Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagwad Gita. I often let the CD play over the day or night, a couple of candles and incense sticks burning, and just within 1-2 hours, the entire home glows with pure cosmic vibrations. If you find any particular area in your home feeling strongly negative, you can create a little altar over there and play the music and let the sound throb there for some time. Find our youtube link here to know more about the power of mantras.

Blowing Conch or “Shankh”

Although that requires immense practice and patience on your part, blowing conch or Shankh daily positively cleanses the vibration of atmosphere. The health benefits of blowing conch are also tremendous specifically for muscle strengthening. Usually the Natural Triton Shell Horn designed for traditional blowing ceremonies are best for energy clearing. If you don’t wish to blow the conch, you can buy an audio CD and create a sacred energy clearing ritual at home. Even if your home is cleansed off negative, unwanted energy, you could keep on using any of the above mentioned techniques. These methods infuse your living space with loving, peaceful and higher vibrations which directly impact the quality of your life. A Word of Caution: Never close or seal the space where you feel the energy not feeling right. Instead open wide the area and try different methods to cleanse the energy. Stagnant or negative energy tend to grow worse or and denser with time. This might at times result in the birth of dark energy portals or energy vortex. Space clearing rituals are always transformative on mind, body and soul level. It not only cleanses the space surrounding us, but also elevates our internal vibration, therefore bringing about a thorough healing. We wish to know your beautiful life experiences with the above mentioned methods. Should you have any question email us or post a comment below. 🙂

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