7 Worst Feng Shui Mistakes to Avoid

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system used to harmonize the surroundings. One of the five arts of Chinese Metaphysics, it is closely linked to Taosim. Feng Shui is widely used to orient the buildings and spiritually significant structures.

These days this practice has gained momentum and people are employing the Feng Shui objects to beautify and harmonize their homes.

“Chi” or “Energy” is the basis of this now widely practiced system. The importance of positive energy flow has already been depicted and emphasized upon strongly in Vaastu Shastra. As you can see in many of our Vaastu Shastra articles, there is a specific place of each of the five elements – fire, water, earth, ether and air.

As per Feng Shui your surroundings must be vibrant, personalized and lit up with positivity so as to invite great abundance, love, happiness and good health.

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However in an effort to attract positive chi, you might commit a teeny meeny mistake that could horribly disturb the harmonious Chi flow and create a serious imbalance of universal energy.

Here, we are going to introduce some of the most common mistakes that people often commit without realizing what went wrong while decorating the interiors.

1- Feng Shui Waterfall Direction

Disturbing the Water Element- You must have seen those beautiful dragon water-fall miniatures that are placed to promote the water element. It is good to place Water element in your home as that draws wealth-building and abundance-creating Chi. However you can not place this element just anywhere in your home.

There is a common misconception that this element also promotes love energy. Hence some people place the water element (a water fall, painting or photograph depicting water in motion etc) in bedroom. There you commit the biggest mistake.

As it could instantly water down the romance in relationship and proves to be disastrous for a married couple.

You must remember that water attracts very powerful Chi and sets the otherwise stale energy into motion.

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2. Feng Shui Water Element

Incorporating Wrong Elements- Another serious blunder is placing elements in wrong directions. Before adding any element in any corner of your home, you must consult the flying stars or Vastu chart. For example, Fire element resides in south direction.

If you burn candles or place a Feng shui fire element depicting symbol, you just might be adding fuels to the already existing fire element in that particular sector.

Never forget that energy always flows and the over indulgence of any particular element might disrupt the otherwise calm energy in your home.

  You can listen in this Vastu video the importance of elements in their domains.

3. Bad Feng Shui House Location

Dark Hallways and Entrances – Extremely No! – Unless you want to create a really sad and terrifying aura in your home do not ever make implicating dark foyer and hallway entrance to your home. These dark pathways attract only negative and not-so-good energy.

All you need is a light, bright, open and positive entrance towards your home.


4. Feng Shui Mirror Facing Door

Wrong Placement of Mirrors- It is said that mirror bounces off the negative energy coming towards us, and that it is a wonderful cure for getting rid of negative Chi. Hence many people place a mirror directly across from the front door because they are only saying good bye to negative vibes.

However they are doing exactly the opposite. This is one of the worst mistakes and thus they are saying good bye to all the positive energy and giving invitation to negative energy to flow into house.

Our astrologer Ramashankar Upadhyay ji explains the importance of mirrors and their right placement in this video.

5.Feng Shui Don’ts for Bedroom

Inauspicious Bed Placement- While some call it good to place your bed directly across from the door, but in fact experts call it a “coffin position”! In case your bedroom is such designed, hang a crystal ball between bed and door. Best solution is to re-adjust the bed placement.

Also the placement of bed in the corner, tucked against a wall is not advisable. While we sleep, there must be a positive energy circulation, so that we wake up feeling positive and rejuvenated and end up feeling depressed and not well rested.

Bed in corner position leaves the person sleeping in it often feeling vulnerable in life.

6. Feng Shui Colors for Living Room

Colors and Elements- It is said in Feng Shui as well as Vaastu that colors correspond to their linked elements. Colors when added to particular areas of your home helps activating the linked elements.

However, make sure that in the finality only the real element can enhance the element energy flow. For example, using only the brown hues in your living room instead of adding real wooden furniture might not enhance the wood element.


7. Feng Shui Rules house

Live like a Minimalistic and you will be fine. A House Looking like a Feng Shui Store- The key to make your home blooming with beautiful and balanced energy flow is to keep particular Feng Shui item in specified sector of your house.

At the same time don’t go all lavish by adding Feng shui interior decorative objects anywhere you deem fit. You might end up stuffing your home with too much Feng Shui cures and completely disrupting the open energy flow. So, go the minimalistic way! Better is to seek out Feng Shui expert’s advice.