Feng Shui Element: How to Know Your Personal Feng Shui Element

Do you feel strongly attracted towards red color? Does brown help grounding you? Does blue sound pleasant to your uplifting mood? Then it’s very much possible that these colors support your personal energy. Often we are attracted to particular colors that support and nourish our personal energy. These very colors if chosen in wrong way can also dampen our mood and sour our spirit leaving us wondering what happened and what caused it.   So, how do you find which is the best color for you – in clothing accessories, your home decor and working space. This can be best done by learning about your personal Feng Shui element, by knowing about which elements support yours and which are absolutely no for you.

Feng Shui Elements five-elements-feng-shui.jpg

There are five elements in Feng Shui – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Each of these elements possesses predominant energy quality that can support you in various ways and nourish your life. Your personal Feng Shui birth element is determined by the Feng Shui element of your birth year. However it is to be noted that we have all the five elements in our energy makeup; no one is all fire element or all water element. So it is important to understand how the different elements represent the different qualities in your nature and how they interact with you.   You should also be wise in pairing different elements together, because some elements are best never to be used together as they cut out on each other. A minor Feng Shui mistake can even cause hazards, know here what are those small mistakes.   For example, Fire Feng Shui element is nourished by Wood element however Wood element is not supported by Fire element. Similarly Water Feng Shui element is supportive to both Earth element and Wood element, but destroys the Fire element. So you should be prudent in using two Feng Shui element colors together.   At home we require all the five elements but in the right proportion and right location. Choosing the right Feng Shui element color for your home decor and personal accessories that goes along well with your personal Feng Shui birth element can prove very beneficial to you as it can help attracting the right cosmic energies to you.   So how do you know your personal Feng Shui birth element? It’s simply done through the below given Feng Shui Elements Chart. Just find your year of birth in one of the five columns depicting the various elements, also check the day of birth. Remember that the Chinese New Year never starts on 1st January.

For example you were born on 30 Jan 1994, so your birth year will be 1993, not 1994, because Chinese Year 1994 started on 10 Feb. So you will be water element not wood.


Personal Feng Shui Birth Element Chart


In this way you can know about your personal Feng Shui element and use that element in home decor and home Vastu to support your personal energy. Learn here how to invite positive energy in your home and dispel negative energy.

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