You can follow all the precautions and suggestions laid out by your Vastu expert when you are building your own house. But what when you are purchasing an already built house? It is unfortunate when the house is breath-taking but it is not constructed as per vastu plan, and thus incorporates several of Vastu blunders. Needless to emphasize that many of such mistakes can have deadly impact on you and your life including your family members.

This post is written keeping the troubles of such people in mind. If you too are one of them who couldn’t get chance of building your own house and hence had to purchase already constructed property, then you must have had noticed some irreparable Vastu Doshas. These doshas can destroy your finances, family harmony, and your luck and even cause deaths in family.

todayastrology is going to provide here quick fixes for Vastu defects. Please ensure that you follow these Vastu remedies under the guidance of a Vastu expert only.

A larger section of these remedies are for North East portion of your house. Also read here our articles on North facing houses and Main Entrance Vastu.

North East Washroom / Toilet

    • Hang one 18” x 24” mirror on either North or East wall.
    • Keep a small indoor green plant anywhere inside the toilet. Water it, it should not die.
  • Place a medium sized ceramic bowl filled with sea salt or normal salt. Change the salt often. You can also use camphor crystals.
  • Keep the washroom airy, hygienic and fragrant.

North East Kitchen

  • Place a Pyramid Yantra in Northeast corner of kitchen.
  • Never keep the kitchen dirty with unwashed utensils. Always keep it dry and clean.
  • Make sure the Northeast corner of kitchen is levelled in case it is raised.
  • Hang one 18” x 18” mirror on either North or East wall of kitchen.

North East Bedroom

  • Paint the bedroom walls white.
  • While sleeping keep your head in south direction.
  • Do not use red color tapestry – carpet, curtains etc in the bedroom.
  • Hang one 18” x 18” mirror on either North or East wall of kitchen.
  • Place two Pyramid Yantras – one on each side of bed.
  • Completely de-clutter the bedroom. Keep it as much airy and open. No clutter!

North East Cut

  • North East Cut Adjoining Someone’s Property
  1. Don’t keep any storage item in this corner. Not even shoe rack.
  2. Hang one 18” x 24” mirror on North and East wall. ( Know what our astrologer experts says regarding Mirrors in house)
  3. Fix an aquarium nearby the cut.
  • North East Cut with Open Area without Entrance
  1. Hang one 18” x 24” plane mirror on North and East wall.
  2. Hang one medium size Crystal Ball on North and East wall
  3. Build a door or any window in Northeast portion.
  • North East Cut Due to Staircase
  1. Hang one concave Pakua mirror on entrance door.
  2. Hang one 12” x 24” plane mirror on East wall.
  3. Draw or place a holy symbol that depicts power for you, for example, Swastika, Om, Trishul, Pentagram etc, on main door.

Bedroom below the Kitchen

  • Do not place metal furniture in bedroom.
  • Avoid using red and orange in your bedroom’s interior décor.
  • Place a glass full with clear water atop the pyramid water charger, near bedside.

House facing T-junction

  • Place big green plants in front of house.
  • Hang a convex Pakua mirror in front of house facing the road.
  • Raise the boundary wall.
  • Place halogen lamps in front of house.

Electric Pole in front of house

  • Hang a convex Pakua mirror in front of the house facing the electric pole.
  • Place a Swastika or Om symbol in front the the house facing the pole.

Cooking Area and Sink lined in same row

  • Place a utensil rack or a green plant in between the two units.
  • In case of limited space, you can also create varying levels for the sink and cooking area.
  • Place one pyramid or mark one red line between these two units.

Hanging Beam on the ceiling

  • Hang two inverted wooden flutes at any one side of hanging beam – at 45° angle.
  • Avoid sleeping or even sitting at all under any type of hanging beam.
  • Build a false ceiling to hide the beam
  • In case the beam is solid and thick, place two pyramids on both sides of beam.

Mirror facing the bed

  • Image of the sleeping person should not fall in the mirror.
  • Always cover the surface of the mirror, also cover the electric devices – computer monitors, TV, any glass painting etc.
  • The ideal location of mirrors is Northern and Eastern walls.

Three consecutive doors in one row

  • Hang wind chime on middle door. Also hang one crystal ball on rear door.
  • Keep the middle door closed, if possible for all times.
  • Place 1” yellow colored strip below the last door.

“The divine holds the unlimited potential to heal and uplift any dark area. Fill your home with divine positive energy and your life shall be healed and enlightened…”