9 Easy Vastu Tips For Balcony

Balconies are a special portion of a home. In here, you start your day with a breath of fresh air,  you seek close company with a cup of coffee. Balcony not only completes your home it provides you an opportunity to create that special corner of yours where you contemplate life be it during early dawn or under the starry night sky.

But did you know that if your balcony is not Vastu compliant it could complete negate the positive effects of a properly constructed Vastu friendly home and cause major complexities in the inmates’ lives? If your balcony faces the wrong direction then the entire property could face inauspicious results.

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Easy Vastu Tips: Direction of Balcony

As per Vastu, ideal direction for house balcony is north, east or northeast direction. This direction receives maximum sunlight and balcony placed in this direction is energized by positive vibration. South or west directions are inauspicious directions for building a balcony as these directions generate negative or heavy vibrations. Apart from that balcony floor should be kept lower than the floor of the main building compound.

Placement of Furniture in Balcony

Many people like to put different types of furniture in balcony like swings, sofas, reclining chairs or garden furniture. As per Vastu Shastra, heavy furniture like bean bags, chairs, sofa and chairs should be placed in Southwest corner of balcony. In case you wish to have a swing, then locate it in north or south direction.

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Easy Vastu Tips: Balcony Roof

As per Vastu Shastra, balcony roof height should be lower than the roof of main building compound. The roof should slope towards north or east direction. It should never slope towards west or south as it is considered inauspicious.

Balcony Décor

Never keep tall and huge potted plants and creepers in your balcony as they obstruct sunlight and attract heavy energy into that space. You can keep smaller flower pots in your balcony. Put colorful flowers in order to attract positive vibes. These shouldn’t be placed in south, west or southwest direction of balcony.

Colors and Lighting in Balcony

The balcony is that space in a home where one loves to spend some quiet moments while gazing at stars in the night sky or meditating under the beauty of dawn. That is why your balcony should be painted with soft palette colors and decorated with soothing lights. Never sit in a dimly lit or dark balcony area as it attracts negative energy in that space. Hang pretty lamps around that area or light beeswax candles in order to create a beautiful and auspicious balcony space

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Additional Vastu Tips for Balcony

  • Many people use their balconies for utility purpose. They keep their washing machines there and sometimes place a heap of unnecessary junk materials in the corner. Any type of junk should never be placed in the balcony, get rid of it immediately. While operating the washing machine, the water drainage system should never be placed in southwest direction. This can result in draining of the wealth of the family living in that house.
  • Southwest corner of the balcony should be decorated with bulky items, for example tall and huge potted plants along with garden rocks and decorative pebbles. This adds stability to the lives of house inmates.
  • Some people choose to construct their own balconies by creating geometric designs jutting out in different direction. However this irregularity in shape and direction creates a defective Vastu and causes bad luck. In such case you should demarcate such irregular design balcony by laying a copper wire concealed under the floor.
  • Northeast corner of the balcony represents water element. You can place a water fountain or little Buddha pools in this zone to honour the water element. This attracts fortune and makes the residents prosperous.
  • The balcony shouldn’t project out alone in the north or east direction. This makes a cut in the northeast direction of the house. This quadrant represents mind, and a sharp cut here means that one would be deprived of mental peace, happiness and stability. It creates greater ripples of discord and tension in home. In case the balcony projects towards south, it attracts litigation and fire hazards.