How to Create Positive Aura of Your Home

Have you ever entered a person’s home and instantly felt tired, drained or unhappy? On the contrary you entered somebody’s home and felt energized, happy and cheery. This instant brightening of mood and draining off of your energy indicates the type of energy field of the particular home. Have you noticed how few homes feel welcoming and happy? On the other side some homes feel too dull and sap your energy for no apparent reason. Believe it or not; this is all about Vaastu. When the house is not created as per Vaastu or it has certain Vaastu Doshas (defects), the energy that the house emanates is also not good. The right architecture, the right use of directions attracts not only positive vibes but also provides mental peace and stress free life to the inmates. Your home is your abode where you spend a large amount of time of your life. It is the place where you breathe in your dreams, where you find solace and where you rest and rejuvenate. This is why this place ought to have none other than positive aura. Your home ambiance and environment moulds not only your course of life but also determines your mood, actions and thoughts. The place where you sleep influences your thoughts, dreams and subconscious. Therefore you must ensure that energy field or the aura of your home is positive and uplifting.

Here are few points that you must focus upon in order to create an attractive aura of your home:-

Bathroom Location

According to the principles of Vaastu Shastra, bathrooms and toilets must not be located right beneath the stairs. This can cause havoc on the health and prosperity of family members.  

Wallpapers and Paintings

Most people, especially art lovers decorate their home interiors with aesthetic wallpapers and unique painting. However, you must choose paintings according to Vaastu Shastra. Dark colored and intense wallpapers often invoke negative vibration surroundings. Paintings that depict violence, wars, unhappiness and misfortune in any form are a strict no. Take notice of how when you gaze at a painting that shows sadness causes you a contemplative and gloomy mood. feng-shui-colors-todayastrology.jpg

Store Rooms and Attics

A large number of homes have locked store rooms or attics. Such places are never good for the overall ambiance of your home. Any enclosed space where energy is not flowing creates an aura that is not auspicious. You can turn your store room into a reading room or just a relaxing place by placing your stored items into an order and adjusting a chair and reading table. Throw away any item which is no more of use to you and have good ventilation in these places.  

Energy Fields inside the Plot

Every plot has its own energy and magnetic field. A solid wall around the plot creates a particular energy level and magnetic field that sustains inside the plot. If there is no compound wall you can miss out on the benefits of energy and magnetic fields or else these can be drained out. As per Vastu, the South and West side walls should be thick and firm. However build the compound wall in the North and East that is lesser thick and of lesser height.  

Mirror Placement in House

Right mirror placement plays a significant role in creating positive energy fields in and around the home. Mirrors are considered as powerful tools in Vastu as they attract and repel both positive and negative energy on the basis of their placement. Before placing mirror in any spot in your home consult with a Vaastu expert. vastu-for-main-door.jpg
Some people think it wise to place a mirror in front of a negative place as they believe this will repel the negative energy. Little do they know that the mirror will suck all the negative energy being emitted from the negative source. Unfortunately mirrors are also responsible for creating spiritual portals and dark holes in some homes and attracting negative entities in abode.  

Feng Shui Placement

Employ Feng Shui while decorating your house interior. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system used to harmonize the surroundings. You can use Feng Shui objects in order to beautify and harmonize the energy field inside your home. However you must take notice of these common Feng Shui mistakes and avoid them at any cost.  

Main Entrance of House

The main entrance or main door of a house plays a significant role. According to Vaastu principles the energy enters and exits through this point in your house. Therefore the entrance of a house has to be built as per Vastu rules so that positive energy is attracted and retained inside the home. Read here about Main Entrance Vaastu.

Happy Family Life

The emotions and mental condition of people affect the energy of the house they are living in. The energy field or the aura of a house describes how the inmates are living their lives. The happy aura of a house is the tell tale sign of a happy family whereas the dark and gloomy energy tells the saddening experiences people are going through. Happiness invites positive energy whereas pain and sadness creates negative energy.   The above mentioned points will help you create a basic foundation for the growth of positive energy field in and around your home. You should also regularly keep your abode clean off any negative residual energy in your house by burning sandalwood incense, sage etc.

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