North Facing Vastu House Good Or Bad?

When it comes to purchasing property or building one, most people consider that north facing house are auspicious. However, that’s an awful half-truth. In Vastu Shastra, no direction is bad and also no direction is completely auspicious. There is a variety of rules related to every single direction that need to be carefully followed in order to harness the positive energies emanating from the cardinal directions and thwart the negative vibes. Direction of a property towards any particular face cannot be guaranteed auspicious or inauspicious unless one pays special attention to the placement of the main door or entrance and the rest of the property. So, let’s understand, What Vastu Shastra Says About North Facing House: Since North direction is considered to be a very auspicious direction in Vastu and so, the main door or entrance located in this direction will suit you best. north-facing-house-vastu-tips-padas.png However, you must understand the subtlety of this statement here. There are nine steps (the steps are also called padas in Hindu terminology) in North direction of a house and each step holds a unique amount of fortune for the house and the inhabitants living in it. The above picture shows you the North side of a house and how the this space is divided into nine equal steps of which the 5th step is the most auspicious pada, which houses the Lord of Wealth : Lord Kuber. This corner or space is luckiest for accumulating wealth and riches. In the drawing above, we have given specific color code to the different padas, and this signifies particular meaning. Today-Astrology-Vastu-sharsta-tips-for-home.jpg The 5th step is foremost in terms of luck, money and positivity. It is the most auspicious space where main entrance for the home should be erected, since it is the abode of Lord Kuber. Your house will attract wealth and abundance if the main door is located here while attending the do’s and don’ts of a houses main entrance. (for more information of main door vastu, you can read here our article on Main Door Entrance) However, if the 5th pada is too small for a main door to be built here, then steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 could be used. But you must remember that if your entrance touches the step 1, then it must leave at least 6 inches of space from the north-east wall. That is to say, the main entrance must not touch the NE corner. The steps 6, 7, 8, and 9 could also be used for building main entrance if there is no scope or possibility for constructing main entrance in the other steps. Now let’s learn about what benefits you can reap if you have constructed the main entrance in such a location:

The Positive Outcomes of a North facing House/Plot :

North direction is the symbol of happiness, growth, success and wealth. This space is the zone of God of wealth Lord Kuber who rules the finance and development in the house.
You must have noticed how the sites facing north with their entrance built in the right location are so prosperous and blessed with abundance. Usually the shops in such locations never run out of money and the people living here never go bankrupt. It is also said that people living in such auspicious properties, whether commercial or residential properties are usually faithful and abiding by their moral values and beliefs. After you have grasped the concept of why the north facing house are auspicious and bring good fortune, we introduce you to a handful of some healthy vastu tips the do’s and don’ts.

North Facing House Vastu  7 Do’s

You must know the it’s not only the North facing house that makes a land or property lucky but the correct placement of the main entrance and remaining parts of the house itself like the kitchen, bathroom, main room, study room etc. that provides the house its auspiciousness and fortune.
  • Build the main door in the 5th step as this will attract wealth, positive growth and opportunities.
  • The main entrance can be located in steps 1 to 4 only if the 5th step is very small.
  • The kitchen should be built in South-East or north-West direction. You must stand facing. East (if it is a South-East facing kitchen) or stand facing West (if your kitchen faces North-West) while cooking.
  • keep the walls in North and East side slightly thinner and shorter than those in South and West side.
  • Locate the worship-room (Pooja room or Pooja sthan) in North-East corner.
  • A living room located in North-East direction will bring positive vibes in house.
  • Built the master bedroom in South-West direction whereas the guest room in North-West direction.

North Facing House Vastu  5 Don’t

  • Since the North East corner harbors sacred and positive vibes, so, you must avoid building a bathroom or toilet here.
  • Also, don’t build any water storage device like a septic tank in North East direction. Look for any nail buried in this direction since it blocks the positive vibes coming into the house.
  • Make sure that there are no large trees on North side of house so that the house is not darkened by its shadow. Also, there must not be any staircase in the North side of the house.
  • Since North and North-East directions are little sacred, so, avoid making any clutter, noise or uncleanliness in this space.
  • Take a look around your plot and make sure that it is not sloping from North to South direction. However, if there is a slope from South towards North direction, then it’s good.

A Small Tips For North Facing House

  In order to attract the positive vibes of abundance in the North facing home, you can also put Feng Shui items, for example, a running water fountain, crystal windchimes, money plant, old coins, a painting or a photograph of 100 birds etc.  

We wish you loads of Opportunities coming your way


As Lord Kuber gets his own sway


Of Wealth; of good Health


And guard your Home from stealth!!!