Yantra: What are the Benefits and Uses

Yantra is a Sanskrit word that is composed from two words:yam” – meaning to control andtrameaning an instrument or device. Astrological Yantras are cosmic devices that demonstrate sacred geometry, which when energized emit cosmic energies. Yantras are sacred mediums that reveal abstract universal truths, they when energized keeping intent in mind, help you manifest its truth in ethereal as well as physical plane of existence.

Let’s simplify these complex geometric figures and mystic archetypal designs, and understand the symbolism hidden in them.


Symbols Used in Yantra

There can be seen various shapes and patterns that are drawn in Yantra, namely squares, circles, triangles and floral patterns. Together these create some complex geometric figures. Let’s understand the significance and role of each figure:

  1. A dot (bindu) signifies the infinite or the cosmos. It is the starting and the end point of the creation.
  2. A swastika stands for good luck, positivity, prosperity and spiritual victory.
  3. The lotus flower represents chakras, with its each petal displaying the vritti (psychic quality) of that particular chakra.
  4. The shatkona (star of David) comprises two triangles:
  • Upward triangle represents masculinity (Shiva), extroversion and action.
  • Downward triangle represents Shakti (mother Goddess), introversion, meditativeness and passive power.

5. Bija mantras that correspond to each chakra.


Yantra Mantra (Every Yantra Has a Mantra)

Every Yantra is associated with a particular mantra. That mantra is integral part of Yantra as it infuses life into that geometric figure. If Yantra is some form of deity then mantra is the mind consciousness. A Yantra cannot be energized if you don’t know the mantra associated with it.

Lifespan of Yantra

There is an interesting concept of Yantra’s lifespan among people. While some believe that a Yantra just like a jiva lives on till you keep using it, there are others who believe that a Yantra after it is energized can never die. While there is some truth on both of the arguments, there is no denying the fact and the truth that a Yantra may last for your life time.

Let’s say, you face a compelling need in life for which you purchase a Yantra. You energize the sacred cosmic device with intent or a specific purpose in mind. In this case, the Yantra may withdraw its energy after the aforementioned intent is manifested or the purpose is attained.

Types of  Yantras and their Benefits

A Yantra acts as a protective shield against darkness and all kinds of negativities. There are different types of Yantras which help in attaining material prosperity, power, success, love, happiness, peace and welfare, wish fulfillment and good health. As per the desire these Yantras are categorized accordingly. For example wealth Yantra, Yantra for good health, Yantra for education and learning, Yantra for success in business, Yantra for protection against evil and black magic, and Yantra for spiritual advancement.

Yantras For Wealth

shri-yantraShree YantraThis Yantra embodies highly powerful divine energies that destroy all types of negative vibrations. It attracts the higher divine vibrations of abundance, wealth and positivity. Shree Yantra fulfills all desires of the person and also elevates his spiritual consciousness.
Lakshmi-YantraLakshmi YantraLakshmi Yantra attracts a positive and constant inflow of money and richness. It eliminates the poverty and removes debts
kuber-yantraKuber YantraUseful for those persons handling business or leading shops, this Yantra attracts lucrative opportunities, and brings luck and wealth through business, property and other assets.
kuber-yantraShri Bhairava YantraYet another powerful Yantra that attracts wealth and prosperity. This Yantra also protects your wealth from theft, loss, evil eye and other negative circumstances.

Yantras For Health

maha-mrityunjaya-yantraMahamrityunjay YantraThis Yantra eliminates any signs of diseases, and blesses the worshipper with longevity. It keeps the person healthy.

Yantra For Education & Learning

saraswati-yantra-imagesSaraswati Yantra
Hayagriva-Yantra-Copper-YantraHayagriva YantraThis Yantra is useful when one wants to achieve higher learning, presumably in abroad or higher institutions. This Yantra helps students to study with strong focus and higher concentration, as a result perform extraordinarily well and secure high percentages.

Yantra For Protection Against Black Magic And Evil Spells

Sudarshan YantraSudarshan YantraJust like the famous Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnunarayana, this powerful Yantra destroys all evil forces and attracts positive force into one’s life
Pratyangira yantraPratyangira yantraThis Yantra eliminates all the evil effects that had been caused due to black magic, sorcery, jealousy and evil eye. It also destroys enemies who bear ill-will towards you.

Sudarshan Yantra Just like the famous Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnunarayana, this powerful Yantra destroys all evil forces and attracts positive force into one’s life Prathyangira Yantra This Yantra eliminates all the evil effects that had been caused due to black magic, sorcery, jealousy and evil eye. It also destroys enemies who bear ill-will towards you.

In addition to the above discussed Yantras, there are many more Yantras. An interesting category is Planetary Yantras like Navagraha Yantra, Surya Yantra, Moon Yantra, Rahu Yantra, Kethu Yantra, Mars Yantra, Jupiter Yantra, Mercury Yantra, Venus Yantra and Saturn Yantra. These Yantras have vibrations corresponding to their planets. These Vedic Yantras are used to solve any affliction caused by any “grha dosha” as it serves as a remedy. One can also use any of these Yantras to increase the favorable influences of the beneficial planet.

Is Energizing a Yantra Important?

Just like reciting a mantra for a specific period of time in order to appease the deity is important similarly energizing a Yantra in order to achieve the desired affect is important. Energized Yantras remains active and alive till the intention has been manifested energetically and physically, after which it may withdraw its energy and go inert. Yantra which is not energized using mantras or vedic rituals serve only as an interesting eyepiece that cast no real effect in life.

Yantras are powerful cosmic devices that are specially designed so that one can harness the strong energies of universe and do well in life. One may choose to not energize these figures and keep it merely as showpiece. It depends upon only your choice.

Vashikaran Yantra: Can One harm others by using Yantra?


Ah, an interesting question! Yes. Like Yantras are used to attract good in life, they can be used to beget evil or negativity to someone. Universe is composed of energy, and good and bad, both are equal constituents of energy. One must not forget though that evil begets evil, and according to the Universe Law of Karma, bad doing always backfires and brings bad to the doer. There is no escaping from the Karma.