Are Curses Real? – Part 1

Curses Meaning?

A Curse is generally a wish or desire expressed that some form of ill fortune or adversity may befall a person (Wikipedia, n.d.). A curse can be an pronounced oath made effective by an invocation to personal Deity or by the use of supernatural, spiritual or witchcraft rituals. In case some dark magic ritual is involved, then such a curse may be termed as Hex or Jinx.

Curses can be cast not only on an individual but also on a group of people, some piece of land, some inanimate object, an entire city or even a nation. It has been long noticed in history how great civilizations eons ago had been cursed. Eventually every great ruler or even an entire civilization had to fall thanks to an ancient curse or in such cases a whole lot of curses.

In our modern society people find it funny though that somebody or some object can be cursed. Still we see innumerable proofs depicting how at times an entire family is doomed to misfortune giving due credit to family or generational curse.

Whenever the word “curse” is mentioned we automatically picture some voodoo ritual involving a witch or wizard. But what we forget is that curses are actually as simple as the blessings. The way our elders or loved ones bless us is very much similar to the way the people not bearing good intentions to us curse us. Curses are nothing but a bunch of negative or pure evil energy thrown out at the target.

The denser the energy the negative emotions have gathered over the time, the stronger the curse would be thrown out by the person living those strong negative emotions.

Similarly when a person grows an unusually strong attachment to a piece of land or even an inanimate object, often the soul of that person refuses to pass on after death, and remains fully attached to that place or object. Such strong possession often then converts to curse that afflicts anybody coming in possession of that very object. In a lot of cases that object has been found to be a property or a piece of land and even heirlooms. In case of violent or sudden deaths, the curse impacts much more strongly bordering on something almost of evil in nature.

How Curses work into our lives?

Since we know now what the curses actually are, let’s talk about how these evil intentions actually work out in a person’s life.

Whenever a curse is cast onto somebody, it does create a very strong causative force. However the existence of a curse does not simply seeps into anybody’s life. The causative force created through the process of cursing begins at first to play havoc on a person’s mental balance or emotional mindset. It does start to first interfere in the wellbeing of the person. Slowly recalling and drawing together the not-so-happy memories and experiences that the person may have lived in life, in some cases terrible past life memories, childhood traumas, the force behind the curse (uttered in tongue or unspoken) after gathering enough negative, disruptive energy impacts full force on the person’s negative karmas.

Further these karmas begin to create a blinding obsession within that person so that he or she will inherently be directed to undertake those very activities that will further spur the causative force to urge the person’s will towards something densely negative. That is when the hidden curse befalls the person in concern full force, also afflicting those in close affinity with that person.

It is utmost difficult to escape the gravity of a curse; but not impossible. What we shouldn’t forget that we along with the choices we make does have a supporting role to play in shaping our destinies. Although we cannot escape the force of a curse as much as we cannot evade the positive force of a blessing, we can however choose to lessen or soften the blow.

Even though the Law of Karma exerts its full force upon the human will that directly or indirectly we are compelled towards experiencing the afflictions of a curse as well as the bounties of a blessing, God does leave us with our Right to Choose, Right to Repent and Right to Seek Forgiveness.

Don’t forget, there is a counterforce counteracting every other force in this universe. Do remember God and seek out his help whenever you are at the brink of making the same old mistakes and falling into same rut (Family Curse).

Now the question arises how do we know that we are being cursed? How do we ascertain that the destruction being played in our lives is solely due to curses or the result of our own karmas? …just as the Law of Karma states – “As you sow, so shall you reap”

…to be continued.


P.S. This article is divided into many parts. In our next article we will discuss the signs and symptoms that reveal if somebody is really cursed. Read Are Curses Real? – Part 2 Here