Take Advantage Of Weekly Horoscopes – Read Your Signs

Read About Weekly Horoscope

The coming back of shadows from the daunting past will stop as Mercury Retrograde gets over this week. No more irritating delays and technical glitches to test your patience. However, if you are looking to buy anything related to technology or investing into some project, hold on till the time Mercury rests at the place from where it started! Most probably, that would be the Valentines… What could be sweeter and more pleasant than that?

Read About Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscopes Aries (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

This week starts on the note of goodness. Do talk about your dreams, ideas and goals with someone who possesses knowledge as well as experience since the feedback you get in return will bring greater insights to you. Midweek will be good for travelling; you will come in contact with many positive people at work. Do something that will enhance your health. Friday brings consideration to you and certain assertiveness in your words.   Hold on your Aries temper and things will go smoothly.

Weekly Horoscopes Taurus (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

The presence of Aquarius Sun in your 10th House of Career makes you all the more noticeable.  People are impressed with you! Travel for fun appears on cards. However, around midweek or after that, during Friday, something might bring an unnatural halt in your plans. Wednesday makes for the best time for social networking – lots of party invitations coming in! Maintain patience with partner and close friends.

Weekly Horoscopes Gemini (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

Presence of Mars in your sign brings you loads of luck. You are looking for stimulation in life and are quite keen on setting out on an adventure. Midweek brings to you exciting real estate news. Invite your pals at home and have a nice little party. Folks will be generous and too loving towards you all throughout this week. Matters regarding property and money will get a little aggressive; so, be patient and keep your cool.

Weekly Horoscopes Cancer (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

Things around you are getting intense and you are on self-improvement mission in life. Matters take a surprising turn towards property, debt etc. Make sure, you remain low key regarding these things on Friday. Your love life is on all time celebration and you are riding the wave well. What a good opportune week for you! Don’t push your agenda onto others; also don’t let yourself be pushed by others.

Leo Weekly Horoscopes (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

The sun – your source of energy – is quite far from your sign. Take this entire week as a period for rest; sit back and relax on your haunches. Do get maximum sleep and give rest to your nerves. Take care of your health. Midweek will be focused on business and money matters and you will do quite well in managing both. In the week’s end, get back on diplomacy and patience as you would require both!

Weekly Horoscopes Virgo (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

You feel like you could be better organized in life all because of the presence of sun in your 6th House of Work and Duties. This makes you yearn to become more efficient, effective, organized and productive. Midweek will bring to you happiness and sweet times. During the week’s end, you will find social situations challenging. Interaction with partner, children and other people will test your patience.

Weekly Horoscopes Libra (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

This week starts with a blissful note as you get invitations for parties and vacations and trips. So, social networking is on card. Spend the entire week with friends, family and loved ones. Midweek is a great time to spend with romantic partners. Avoid all kinds of arguments and conflicts.

Weekly Horoscopes Scorpio (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

The presence of fiery Mars makes the already headstrong and iron-willed Scorpions all the more deadly! Put this increased strength and laser sharp focus to good use, and do some good to the world around you. Attain great accomplishments. Do spend time with family and loved ones. Keep your temper down-to-earth during week’s end.

Weekly Horoscopes Sagittarius (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

Mini vacations, work trips, lots of socializing – so much to keep you busy! All you want from life is little action and constant stimulation, so, you gonna love this week. This is also an opportune time for artists like writers, teachers and actors and people in sales and marketing profession. Creative energy from universe is flowing towards you. Remain low key during week’s end though!

Weekly Horoscopes Capricorn (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

Your prime focus this week is on money and cash flow as you grow more serious about your financial status and security in life. With the presence of three strong planets – Mercury, Pluto and Venus – in your sign, make sure to be calm and down-to-earth and not get caught up with any illogical and insane idea even if it’s your own thing! Currently, you are wired with lots of high energy that could make you feel jumpy. So, do spend some quite time in nature in solitude.

Weekly Horoscopes Aquarius (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

As you must know that the current time is the most powerful time of the year for you. This week, you will feel your ambition and passion re-ignited for your dreams. Midweek is good for discussing pending matters on finance and business. Whatever takes place will be most benefitting for you. Keep your cool on Friday and Saturday.

Weekly Horoscopes Pisces (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

This week will bring calmness to your inner waters. This low-key period is the excellent time to strategize and make plans for what you want to do in future and how you want to go for it. For Pisces, the entire year is for traveling and exploring different fields of study and profession to pursue. Higher study too is on cards. Midweek will bring fun times for you, do let off some steam with friends.