Weekly Horoscope (25 – 31 May): Aires, Taurus, Gemini & Cancer Astrology Prediction Weekly By Moon and Sun Zodiac Sign

weekly-horoscope of moon and sun zodiac sign

Aries Horoscope:

You will be facing immense doubts on your way to doing something in life. Don’t doubt when it comes to your capabilities and talents. Have confidence and work towards your goals, one step at a time. You will be surprised by the outcomes.

Taurus Horoscope:

Several new opportunities will lay down on your feet. Many new paths are open to you now to explore. You will be getting words of advice from your family members and friends. Listen to all of them. But when it comes to final decision, pay attention to your intuition.

Gemini Horoscope:

Even though there are numerous new opportunities opening up to you, but you have your eyes set onto another path. People might suggest you take the ones that don’t interest you at all. Take some time off to contemplate on your choices and the options available.

Cancer Horoscope:

You are feeling quite tired of dealing with harsh truths and ugly realities of life. Take some time out to be in solitude. Only then you can listen beyond all the voices in your head. Seek for advice from universe. It won’t disappoint you.

Leo Horoscope:

You are dreading a difficult conversation for many days. It’s time now to put your foot down and simply open yourself up to communication. Be yourself and soon it will be all over. Don’t loose patience and you will learn something new and very deep.

Virgo Horoscope:

Being a workaholic, you just want to immerse yourself in your work, undisturbed by others. But someone close to you might need your undivided attention. Take some time out, spend time with your loved ones. You can always go back to your responsibilities.

Libra Horoscope:

You have been working quite hard and nonstop for many days. It’s time to give rest to yourself. Take a break. Allow your body to heal and get back to its natural energy levels. Besides give some time to your soul too. You need to go in sweet solitude.

Scorpio Horoscope:

You have been running under stress regarding a relationship in your life. It’s time to accept in case there has occurred some distancing or aloofness between the two of you. Hold a heart to heart discussion with the person. You might be surprised to know that it needed only an open communication.

Sagittarius Horoscope:

Being stuck in house and being unable to take up on a new adventure have turned you into a mirthless creature. You need to find out some outlet for all the pent up energy. Either find ways to socialize, or go back to the memorable moments that you shared with your loved ones.

Capricorn Horoscope:

You will be sought after by someone for your feedback or opinion regarding some personal matter. You don’t need to be either dishonest or brutally honest. Take the midway. Provide constructive criticism and deliver honest opinion. People expect honesty and truth from you.

Aquarius Horoscope:

You might be struggling with doubts and fears regarding financial stability in your life. If your pay checks have stopped pouring in then it’s time to look towards new ways of earning income. Use your imagination to attract abundance.

Pisces Horoscope:

There are some household matters that have been pressing your conscience for days. It’s time to pay attention to them and solve the dilemma. After all is sorted you could anytime go back to your flights of imagination and fantasy.