Weekly Horoscope (6–12 Apr): Aries, Taurus, Gemini & others Zodiac Sign Astrology Prediction

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Aries Horoscope:
It’s time now that you induce quality instead of quantity in your social network. It’s good to get rid of any unwanted distractions in life now. You will feel the need for refinement in your friendship Circle. As you go removing what’s not healthy for you in life, you will see greater improvement in your personality.Taurus Horoscope:

This week you are going to explore some lucrative opportunities to progress fully in your career. That requires improvement in all fields. Seeing your diligence and the outcome you might get appreciation or appraisal from your employer. Make sure to note down all the magnificent ideas you will get this week.

Gemini Horoscope:
This week cosmic energies are blessing you. You should indulge in spiritually enriching activities like meditation, yoga, tai chi etc. These practices will help you release tension, unwind that excess energy. With all that charismatic energy wound up inside you, you should learn how to relax and live in the present moment.

Cancer Horoscope:
Take time this week to ponder upon your finances. Explore variety of funding schemes in order to bring long term gains in later life. Just a small contribution today will help you hugely post retirement. You are going to get creative partnership offers later in week that could benefit you in career.

Leo Horoscope:
You are always ready to do just anything for your loved ones, even if it demands sacrifice on your part. This is the reason your family and friends cherish you for your warmth and generosity. This week you will be full with charismatic energy to fulfill all your unfinished business and work on professional front.

Libra Horoscope:
Take time this week to fully explore your artistic skills. You would be surprised to see what could you create with your creativity.
Your every act demonstrates beauty, harmony and originality. Your home shows all these beautiful qualities as you take special care to maintain your personal space.

Virgo Horoscope:
You will continue working hard and giving your best on work front. Later in week you will be much appreciated by your colleagues for your diligence and quality work. Make sure to communicate what’s in your mind as this helps in removing any minor misunderstanding that could erupt

Capricorn Horoscope:
All the specialized skills that you have acquired in your life will help you find growth in your chosen field. You will be surprised on your own capabilities of reaching goals and meeting deadlines. This will bring more freedom in your professional field.

Sagittarius Horoscope:
You will get many versions of truth from various sources, but you need to follow your own intuition to find out the truth. Forge your own path after gaining insights from various sources. You love to gather knowledge about different fields. People surrounding you will learn many things from you.

Aquarius  Horoscope:
You are not willing to rest until you have helped people out in their struggles. You are always keen on helping others find their footing in material as well as spiritual world. For this compassion of yours you are well respected by your people. It’s time to shine your light out into the world and bring happiness in those sad hearts.

Pisces   Horoscope:
You need to keep your emotions in check this week as you could come across emotionally taxing situations. It would be better if you could go in isolation to regain your composure. Recharging your spiritual batteries is equally important to you now as is re-connecting with your people.

Scorpio  Horoscope:
You are well known for your hard working capabilities. It is much more easier for you to achieve more when you are working in a peaceful atmosphere. Conflicts in office and other petty politics at work tire you endlessly. Don’t be afraid and don’t loose hope. You can create your own safe haven if you choose to do so, even in the midst of all those conflicts. – your inner heaven.

Sanjay Upadhyay: