Weekly Horoscope 30 Mar-6 April Aries, Taurus, Gemini & Cancer Astrology Prediction


Aries Horoscope

Sometimes it is better to stay silent than beating your chest around to prove your worth. If you keep trying to defend your views it will only add fuel to the fire raging right now around you. People especially those in authority will not find it very pleasing. Best will be to keep low for some time.

Taurus Horoscope

There seem to be many problems in your life. You can seek their solutions only by remaining strongly rooted into the present. By being completely in the now can you find the solution to your each problem. Sitting idly and daydreaming wouldn’t solve a thing.

Gemini Horoscope

People this week might criticize your freeform approach to life. However you are in no mood to entertain people’s narrow minded perspectives towards life. Those older in age will disapprove of your fun-filled methods and even try to rebuke you. Even if you do not need to listen or follow someone’s way of life, you should resist from demeaning other people and insulting their attitude towards life.

Cancer Horoscope

Through the creative flow of your unique ideas, you will be getting in touch with your spiritual side. Don’t stop now even when you will be coming across people who will disapprove of your ideas and perspectives and even try to discourage you from implementing those in your life. You don’t need to follow every one’s advice and beliefs. Just listen to your heart and follow its rhythms.

Leo Horoscope

You are about to finish a huge bulk of work that was solely your responsibility to do. Even if you are not satisfied with the quality of work you have done, people around you will not be willing to see any fault in your work. Everybody is all praises for you right now. There is nothing wrong in trying to be better today than what you were yesterday.

Virgo Horoscope

You are on the top of your management and organization skills. People around you will get irked off if you try to manipulate into following the same way of living life like you do. There is nothing wrong in showing others what’s right for them. However forcing your own beliefs onto others is definitely an irksome thing to do!

Libra Horoscope

This week you will be going through life without a single hint of friction. This is what happens when you are honest with the people around you and not being manipulative or forceful. Sometime later in this week, somebody in authority figures will try to push you into doing things that they think ought to be done. Take it easy though! You can solve this conflict of interests too just by being transparent and honest with this person.

Scorpio Horoscope

You are becoming tad too protective of those in your family and friends circle. Your near and dear ones love you but might not relish this overprotectiveness. Just relax! By being loving and caring you can protect them from the dangers that you perceive. Be kind to yourself and to others.

Sagittarius Horoscope

You will be facing emotional issues this week which include emotional and financial security. However if you are willing to communicate your fears to your family and friends, you will be loved, cared of and supported in tremendous ways. Very soon you will find yourself fulfilled with energy and optimism, ready to face the challenges in life once again!

Capricorn Horoscope

Your life in terms of health and finances is going superb now. If there are some things which you have been procrastinating for some time, it’s time then to finish them now before they pose a serious problem. When it comes to your life goals, you must be ready to be serious and focus all your energy on them!

Aquarius Horoscope

Your imagination will be very ripe and active this coming week. Your mind is going to be soon bursting with creative ideas. If you find yourself getting obsessive over something, get rid of this obsession by expressing yourself and channelling your energy towards something realistic. Otherwise you will soon be drained off all this wonderful creative vibration.

Pisces Horoscope

Your old passions are calling out and you are yearning to get back on old tracks. However you feel yourself nervous and fearful of what other people will have to say about your returning to your old ways of life. Don’t pay attention to what others have to say, simply follow what your heart has been telling you to do and soon the background voices will fade away into nothingness.