Weekly Horoscope (27 July- 2 Aug) : Aires, Taurus, Gemini & Cancer Astrology Prediction Weekly By Moon and Sun Zodiac Sign


Aries Horoscope:

It’s very bad to be rude to people and insult anybody while you are having a bout of foul mood. Your good mood will return but the bitter words you said and harsh treatment you did with someone will never return. So be cautious. Spend some time alone to recuperate.

Taurus Horoscope:

You are facing doubt regarding q personal relationship in life. Your partner or best friend might seem distant to you, but fortunately that is just not the case. Give your loved one some space and that person will soon come back to you.

Gemini Horoscope:

You have been ignoring your inner urge to pursue creative activities. Now is the right time to do them. Don’t listen to your inner fears. Take some time out of your daily routine. Pick any of the creative activities and enjoy the process.

Cancer Horoscope:

Don’t get stressed under work pressure. Some people at work might plan to harass you. But you know very well how to be peaceful and attain happiness that goes beyond just having a nice job. Indulge in self-care, personal reflection and spirituality. You will feel blissful.

Leo Horoscope:

It is time to put your charm to work in order to gain an advantage. There is no shame in wanting to have what you are aiming or desiring for. Listen to no one who love criticizing your ways. Be stubborn and work your way.

Virgo Horoscope:

Change will be coming soon your way. It could be change of job, or change in your daily routine or old habits. Change is always good for soul when undertaken with deliberation. Choose wisely.

Libra Horoscope:

You are going to come across several opportunities to improve your life and your living situation. Relocation to a new place that you have been dreaming since long time could be one opportunity.

Scorpio Horoscope:

You have been toiling for your work for a long time. Take time to recover from the exhaustion that you have been experiencing. Either retreat into solitude or pursue some creative hobby that will let the creative juices flow.

Sagittarius Horoscope:

If you are looking to increase your income or create opportunity for getting extra income, then you must focus on developing your skills or maybe learning a few more. Applying for online courses will be of great help.

Capricorn Horoscope:

You might stumble upon somebody’s well harbored secret. Guard the secret well for somebody’s life depends upon your loyalty now. This will also showcase the strength of your character.

Aquarius Horoscope:

You need to develop innovative solutions for your problems. Only by doing your daily chores in creative and interesting ways can you fulfil your desire to be different from others and happy in life.

Pisces Horoscope:

Manifestations of desires needs one to go beyond the material planes of life. You are well aware of this fact. Explore into the laws of universe and you will be amazed to see the results that you can achieve.