Weekly Horoscope (2 Aug – 8 Aug): Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and others Moon Sign Astrology Prediction

Aries Horoscope:

The coming week is going to put you under tremendous pressure, while on the other hand it’s going to bring strong divine energy to you. To receive this divine transmission, you need to ground yourself and connect with nature. Take breaks, retreat from external world as often you need

Taurus Horoscope:

Some of the incidents this week is going to trigger off your old wounds. You will claim that it’s the other person who hurt you bad. But when you look deep you going to find that it’s you and your harrowing past that needs to be healed.

Gemini Horoscope:

Your curiosity is sparked by some conversation with someone specialising in a particular area. You will be yearning to dive deeper and learn more about the topic. Also you will be getting huge energy bursts that will propel you further to widen your horizons.

Cancer Horoscope:

You have healed your old power dynamics and your personal power shines renewed. People are going to notice the new you. Soon the resources will be available to you and people will come up for smooth collaboration. Friendships and relationships will be highlighted this week.

Leo Horoscope:

The coming days are going to put you in the spotlight, and you will ooze with magnetism. This week will demand from you to bring balance between your needs and those of others. Fresh new ideas and brand new options will open up to you.

Virgo Horoscope:

This week asks of your immense self-care and Deep body Rest. Take time to recuperate. Listen to your body needs and relax. Household chores will be pulling you away from relaxation. However be mindful of overextending your body. It needs healing and withdrawal from the outside world

Libra Horoscope:

This week your relationships, your hopes and dreams are highlighted. Your loved ones and friends will try to help you sort out your dreams. Your family will help you focus on your plans. However trust your own guts when it comes to plan execution.

Scorpio Horoscope:

The coming days are going to bring to you new opportunities and breakthroughs in career. You will need to speak up your truth as things will tense between you and your loved one. Be authentic. Be your true self.

Pisces Horoscope:

Your sensitivity will be heightened this week. Events happening outside will leave deep impact upon you. You need to strike a balance between your need to socialize and to withdraw from world and reflect

Aquarius Horoscope:

Relationships in your life will be a great source of warmth, personal growth, and healing. You need to be open and welcoming to the love and care coming to you from people. Your commitment to establishing daily routine is bringing positive response.

Capricorn Horoscope:

You have been bubbling with creative energy. It’s right time to channel your creativity into artistic projects. Life is going to bring you circumstances that will inevitably put you in leadership position.

Sagittarius Horoscope:

You long to travel, explore into new field of study and go on a long vacation filled with exciting adventures. However, you will be held back by your daily responsibilities. You are well supported in your workplace so that you could go on mini vacation.