Virgo Zodiac Sign: The Perfectionists Of Zodiac, Virgo Personality Traits, Compatibility And Characteristics

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Virgo is the sixth of the zodiac sign. Being an Earth sign, Virgos are powerful personalities. They are the people with complex nature that strongly desire to love and also be loved. Born between August 23 – September 22, these figures of Perfectionism are well known for their deeply nurturing and rule-abiding behaviour.

Since Virgos are often related to their symbol The Virgin, hence they are seen as the purest of the zodiacs. They are also sometimes referred to as The Homemaker or The Criticizer. Well call them whatever, Virgos do know how to minutely analyse any given situation or even a person for that sake and be the best critic at work.

Let’s know some beautiful and some not so beautiful characteristics of Virgos:-

Virgo: Remember!

Yes, we know, how beautiful it is to remember somebody’s name and the moment spent with a person years back. It is equally magnanimous when a Virgo remembers even a few minutes of interaction down to its minute details – as in what you were wearing that day, what words you said, how much you smiled and how you made them feel.

They remember everything! A Virgo has an amazing memory. They can recall the most memorable moments from their childhood that probably no one would remember. They bring old sweet memories back again and again and feel happy about it.

Howsoever it becomes embarrassing and painful when they do really remember Everything!!! For example, they will remember the fight you had with the Virgo and the bad words you hurled at them. Don’t worry they will not let you forget it. They remember the hurt too. And then they worry over it endlessly as if the sad incident happened just yesterday.

Virgo: Hard Worker

You will never find a Virgo lazing around or dozing off a midday nap. Virgos believe that those who toil day after day earn what they truly deserve.

When they take upon any project, they pour their heart and soul on it, they won’t rest neither let others rest, until the work is over. Their hard work never goes unnoticed and they earn many accolades from their observers.

However, at times Virgos need to learn how to relax and stop killing themselves with endless worrying. For a Virgo it is near to impossible to let go of a spoilt plan that unfortunately failed to unfold. They need some buddy to loosen up all tension coiled up inside them.

Virgo: Reliable

Virgos are Reliable but too much Self-reliable. Virgos are the people who strive to help others out from difficult situations. They love to take it upon themselves to help their family and friends. They will make you feel that they are always there for you, and truly they stand by their words.

However when it comes to seeking help from others, they fall short. They are very self-reliant, not bothering to call others for help. They enjoy doing things on their own. Also their idea of perfectionism prevents them from leaning on others considering that no one could excel their idea of what perfect is!

Virgo: Critical Thinkers and Good Decision Makers

Virgos are critical thinkers and good decision makers, but also way too critical. When it comes to making an important decision, Virgos go through an entire spectrum of possibilities. They hate to make a bad decision. Hence they think critically and examine all the sides of a problem before striking for a solution.

However this critical view of life situations and problems at times makes Virgos weigh another person way too critically! They end up making harsh judgements upon other people and are never satisfied with what they do or what they are. Many a time people are often either turned off or get hurt by Virgos.

Virgo: Humble and Modest

Virgos are humble and modest, but at times quite picky! Since Virgos are in a habit of critically examining each aspect of any problem or any person, they know what being human means. They are very modest and quite down to earth people. They have attained much in life, but do not like to show it off.

However their deep experiences and introspection with respect to life and relationships make them very picky when it comes to choose things – people they want to interact with, what food to eat, what TV shows to watch and even their life partner. At times by being over picky they get distracted from enjoying what’s at present and instead go against the very flow of life.

And that’s not all about Virgos!

There is so much more to these powerful perfectionist human beings. However these are few very dominating features of Virgos.

Nonetheless we all need those people in our life who can spit the truth out and examine any life situation critically by giving an honest feedback no matter how brutal that be. Lastly we must not forget these Virgos are truly loyal and fiercely loyal life partners. Nobody can love and possess their mate as jealously as a Virgo!