Vastu Shastra Tips and Guide for Kitchen


According to Vedic philosophy every living organism in this universe is created out of five great elements (or Pancha Bhuta): Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. That’s why the physical body of human beings and all its bodily functions are governed by these same elements. Each of these elements are directly linked to the Tridoshas: Vaata, Pitta and Kapha.

This concept of Pancha Bhuta and Tridoshas is simultaneously applicable to Vastu also. After carefully analyzing the Vastu Dosha in a property, and the Tridoshas that are directly affected, the effects on health can be easily understood. As per Vastu, the defects that involves imbalance in five Elements result in health problems to the inmates of any property.

Hence the main key for identifying the health problems with the use of Vastu is to detect the imbalance in the five great elements that further causes Tridoshas.

In this article we shall study the Vastu for Kitchen – the directions favorable to it and disastrous to it.

Before that, let’s learn what are the different elements governing the different directions:

Angular Directions and their Governing Elements


However, at the four cardinal directions, a balance exists between the two elements that rule the adjoining angular directions on either side.

Following the above principles of Directions-Elements-Relationship, below is the list of effects of location of Kitchen in various directions (cardinal as well as angular) in a house:

Kitchen in Cardinal Directions:

Kitchen in North: Kitchen in this direction disrupts the balance between Air and Water elements. Air is friendly, but water is hostile to Fire element of Kitchen. This discord brings problems not in health; but in finance and career.

Kitchen in East: Kitchen in this location adds more Fire to the already existing Water-Fire elements of East. The imbalance thus created causes health problems to all family members. It also triggers conflict and misunderstanding between the owner and his father.

Kitchen in West: In this direction, Fire element dislocates the harmony between Air and Earth. This confluence although does not create health problems. It however creates conflict and misunderstanding between family members, especially the elders.

Kitchen in South: Kitchen located in this direction greatly disturbs the harmonized fiery and earthy elements in South direction. This imbalance benefits the influences of Fire but compromises the Earth, which results in minor problems to the male child of the house.

Kitchen in Angular Directions:

Kitchen in Southeast: Southeast is governed by the fiery energy of the Fire element, and thus it is the ideal location to construct a kitchen.

Kitchen in Southwest: Southwest is ruled by Earth element. Kitchen located in this direction is hostile to Earth energy. It either causes serious health problems to the owner or create tragic situations in family like accidents or fatal wounds.  

Kitchen in Northwest: Northwest direction is governed by friendly Air element. Although kitchen in this location is acceptable in Vastu, however it tends to create minor disturbances. Either there is a lot of food waste and unnecessary expenditure or the family members never happen to eat together as family. 

Kitchen in Northeast: Northeast is governed by Water element, which is a hostile element to Fire, as Water neutralizes and extinguishes the Fire element. This imbalance manifests in the form of disturbance in the inner Fire element of the lady of the house and the children. It compromises the fiery energy in them resulting in problems in health and growth.