Importance Of Vastu Shastra For Main Entrance/Main Door Of A House


Vastu Shastra or Indian Architectural Science is an ancient Indian art which aims to bring harmonious and prosperous living on this planet. Vaastu is built upon the fact that everything in this universe is energy, and so, it’s easy to see that every moment we are surrounded and imbued with this energy that can be positive or negative.

Since everything is energy, it is another fact that the building or the house where we live in and even the land on which the building is constructed emits and attracts certain energy. This is the prominent reason why nowadays people prefer first looking for vastu home plans, before they purchase any property or construct one.

The main purpose of Vastu for homes is to eliminate the negative or low energy from the space and to enhance positive or higher energy.


Vastu shastra for home entrance has great significance with regard to the entrance of a house, since the main door is the first place from where energies (positive or negative) enter and exit. If the negative energies are entering in a home, it shall cause havoc by creating illness and not-good conditions. But if positive energies are entering, then it will bring blessings for the home and happiness to its inhabitants.

In this article, you will learn about auspicious directions for the main entrance in a house and effect of these directions upon the people dwelling inside the home. You will also get to know vastu shastra tips direction the do’s and the don’ts regarding main door vaastu. And at last, you will know about Vaastu Door Vedh – what the peculiar obstructions are in main entrance which people rather ignore, but which can create misfortunes for the family and individuals in the house.


Directions from the vaastu basics. There are four cardinal directions and then there are the others like north-east, north-west, south-east and so on. Every direction provides us and takes from us something. What is that thing, you shall know it further:-

Is North Facing House Good?

Most people generally prefer a house with north facing main entrance as they say, it’s very auspicious. But Vaastu tells that it can also be very inauspicious, given that Vasstu for north facing house is not followed.

There is something more to this general truth. One should make sure that the main door is in north-east section of the north wall. Major benefit is that you will get early morning sunrays, fresh light, and positive energy entering the home from the east. Also as per vastu north east corner rule, this corner is said to be the best location for worshiping. The door must be located towards centre, not fixedly at the centre, of the wall. A wide window in the north-east corner would be more advantageous for the home.

South Facing Apartment Vastu

If your house faces South direction, then make sure that the main entrance or main door is located towards south-east as it is highly auspicious. Avoid building the door at the centre of the south wall or south-west corner of wall. Although there are numerous south west facing home benefits, but Feng Shui would be needed in order to harness the positive vibrations that this direction brings.

If you have the main door in south, then consider building another main door in north direction, as it balances the chi! To one’s surprise, this is also one of most useful vastu shastra remedies for home.


It’s a huge misconception among the people that a south facing house attracts omens. Such a house can be surprisingly most auspicious given that it attends the rules of south facing door vastu.

East Facing Entrance House Vastu

If you are looking towards building the main entrance in east facing wall, then fix the door in north-east section of the wall. North-east corner brings higher energies.

West Facing Entrance House Vastu

If your main door comes in West direction, then you must know that only the north-west half of west wall is auspicious for main entrance of the home.

As a general rule, each direction facing house can be very auspicious and also very inauspicious if the Vaastu rules are not followed. We shall further designate one post each to discuss all the cardinal directions facing houses in which we will also shed light upon certain widespread misconceptions and half-truths that are blindly believed and followed by major number of people.

Now, we will introduce Vastu Veda or Door Vedh – the many types of obstructions in the main entrance and discuss the effects they cast on the home and its inhabitants.

Obstructions In The Main Entrance Of House And Its Effects

Positive / negative energy enters / exits through the path of main entrance of a house. If there is any kind of obstruction on this path, then it creates troubles for the people living in that house. You would be surprised to know that even an open road running just in front of the main entrance can cause the sudden death of the head of the family. Such are the immense effects of obstructions in the main door that their intensity can only be lessened down by following specific remedies for vastu defects.


Let’s learn first about the most common obstructions:

Dwar Vedh:

Basically the obstruction of air, light and sound at the main entrance or the compound wall is called Dwar Vedh. There are various types of Main Entrance Obstruction or Dwar Vedh, which are:

Swar Vedh:

Swar Vedh or sound obstacle happens when there is some creaking noise while opening or closing the main door as it attracts inauspicious incidents. Normally, there should be no such eerie sound coming from any door of the house. You must oil the hinges or replace the door immediately so that such sound doesn’t come out.

Koop Vedh:

Koop means well, it’s related to water. Water in feng shui is regarded as wealth or prosperity. Different sources of water, for example, well, septic tank, borewell, tap, drainage canals, underground storage tanks etc should not be anywhere outside the main entrance. Also, there should not any leaking tap inside the house. This results into gradual or sudden loss of wealth.

Brahma Vedh:

Presence of grinding mill, manufacturing site or any metal sharpening machine at the main entrance is called Brahma Vedh. This leads to clashes and conflicts among family members. Lives of dwellers also become chaotic and unstable.

Keel Vedh:

Keel means nail. If there is a peg to tie cattle or even a nail to hang something at the entrance, this causes incomprehensible obstacles or halts in progress.

Stumbh Vedh:

Stumbh implies pole. Stumbh Vedh means the presence of any electric pole, telephone pole etc. If there is any such pole at entrance it creates disagreement, difference of opinion among the family members. It also obstructs all kinds progress and growth of individuals.

Vastu Vedh:

Even your own construction can become an obstacle like location of garage, storeroom, watchman cabin, outhouse etc can simply lead to loss of property. Many people build a small cabin to contain shoes or a section for their pets. That can cause downfall to the family.

south west facing home benefits

There are also several other Vedhs which we shall discuss in detail in another post, entirely focused on Vastu door Vedh. You don’t need to get alarmed if there lies at your home’s main entrance any of the above mentioned vedha since with the help of Feng Shui, which is another science of beautiful living, the negative effects can be mitigated.

Since this post is dedicated to the main entrance or main door of house, we shall summarize for you the crucial points the do’s and don’ts that you can learn and quickly integrate in your living.

Free Vaastu Tips For Main Entrance Do’s And Don’ts

13 To-Do Vastu Tips for Main Entrance / Main Door

  1. Attach a majestic looking, beautiful name plate on main entrance as this will attract prosperity, good luck and happiness
  2. The main door of your house must be the largest door among all the other doors of your house.
  3. Always keep the home entrance door properly lit. For this, you can hang on bright, colorful lights.
  4. Build a threshold at main entrance since this avoids the outflow or loss of wealth. Thresholds have an immense significance in ancient Indian scriptures.
  5. Build the main entrance door slightly higher than the ground level. The number of steps should be odd numbered.
  6. Don’t keep your main door or entrance dull. Put some beautiful design or vibrant color there.
  7. If you have two main doors in your house, make one for entrance and another one for exit, and keep the exit door preferably smaller in size than that of the entrance.
  8. If you have wooden main door, then make sure that wood must be in good shape and of good quality. Any low quality or termite eaten door will attract negativity and disease to the family.
  9. If your door is designed as two shattered than they must open inside or clockwise. Such a structured door invites positive energy.
  10. The total number of doors and windows in a house must be even numbered ( e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.), and it must not end with number o (like 10, 20, 30 etc.).
  11. Make sure that there is no swar vedha i.e. any creaking sound while operating the door.
  12. If your main door is located towards the corner, make sure to maintain a distance of at least a foot away from the corner.
  13. Cracked or creaking doors bring in troubles, loss of dignity and wealth. So, immediately replace such doors.

11 Don’ts Vastu Tips for Main Entrance / Main Door

  1. Avoid black color for main entrance door. Bright, vibrant colors are advised.
  2. The main door should open inwards and should not be automatic closing.
  3. Keep the main door straight, rectangular. It should not be sliding, slanting, or circular opening.
  4. The main door should not be located in the centre of the wall, slightly off the corners is good.
  5. The main door should not be facing directly to another home’s main entrance.
  6. There should not be intersecting roads or pathways in front of main entrance as it signifies loss of wealth.
  7. The main entrance should not face a compound wall.
  8. The main entrance must not be overshadowed by anything. Falling of shadows of other buildings, trees etc on main door are not good.
  9. Temples or any other religious building should not be located in front of main door since their shadows if fall on entrance attract omens.
  10. Many people build arched windows and doors for decorative purpose. But the doors must be kept simple and straight as the arch distorts the incoming positive energy pattern.
  11. Don’t pile shoes, put garbage or dustbin in front of main door since these things emit negative energy and attract harm to the home.

These are the few best vastu tips for home. By taking care of do’s and don’ts points and applying correct remedies for vastu defects, you will find your home attracting happiness, harmony, positivity and abundance.