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Rama Shankar Upadhyay

Designation : Bhagwat Katha

Language : Hindi, English

Experience : 3 years

Phone : 2565478956

about me

Rama Shankar Upadhyay is a highly regarded expert in Karmkand, Vedic astrology, and Bhagwat Katha, possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience in these fields. With a Master's degree in Acharya, he has dedicated over 30 years to mastering and practicing the intricacies of Karmkand and Vedic astrology. His expertise extends to conducting enlightening Bhagwat Katha sessions, providing profound insights into the spiritual and philosophical aspects of Hindu scriptures. As a co-founder and CEO of Today astrology, Rama Shankar Upadhyay plays a pivotal role in offering comprehensive solutions to individuals seeking guidance in their life's journey. His commitment to disseminating wisdom and helping others navigate life's challenges has earned him a reputation as a trusted authority in the realms of Karmkand, Vedic astrology, and spiritual discourse. With a blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary insights, Rama Shankar Upadhyay continues to contribute significantly to the field, enriching the lives of those who seek his guidance.