Taurus- An stoic as the Bull, Taurus Zodiac Sign Personality Traits, compatibility, Facts & Characteristics

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A Word About Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. Born between April 21 and May 21, it belongs to Earth element, like Virgo and Capricorn. All the Earth signs are primarily characterised by qualities like  collective are practical, stoic, determined, ambitious and materialistic.

Same goes for Taurus sign. Because of their stubbornness and determined nature, Taureans are related to the Bull. These enthusiastic bulls have personalities that are rock solid, stable and very practical.

These headstrong people are quite famous for their stubbornness. Ruled by the planet Venus, they love luxury, comfort and homeliness. Taureans do not like to be pushed or manipulated. They love to pamper and pleasure themselves through good food and good life.

Taurus Personality Traits:

1. Personality with a Depth

Taurus people can be recognized instantly by their strong, silent attitude that exudes power. Conversation with them is usually one word monologue like “Nope”, “Yep”, “Yeah”, “Uhh”, “Oh” and so on. That is unless you know them too well! They speak deliberately just like their gait is so calculated.

2. Stubbornness

Taurus personalities are solid and steady and nothing in the world can ever disturb their perfect tranquillity. If you try to persuade them or push them, watch them stick out their chin obstinately! They are real stubborn creatures.

3. Inner Strength

There is never a fragility of mind or superficiality of character about the May born people. The look in their eyes though is serene and sombre, but the hidden strength in them is enough to warn off idiots!

Just like the Bulls, Taurus is never worrisome and nervous. When things don’t go in his favour, he might brood or fall silent, but he never loses his calm. As stoic as Bull!

4. Romanticism

Taurus is strongly attracted to opposite sex but a Taurean always takes romantic affairs with a passiveness.  You won’t ever realize if he/she has fallen for you. Taureans always expect their love interest to make the first move. Leave the rest on them. They are die hard romantics too!

5. A Lover of Nature

Taurus people are of earthy element and this makes them, desiring to be as close to mother Earth as possible. They would always prefer to be warm and cosy in their home rather than go out and have fun. Unless it is a trip to countryside or mountains, a Taurean would prefer to be safely tucked away into his furry blanket in his sweet heaven like home.

6. Patience and Loyalty

Much is said about Taurus stubbornness, few people know about the ever increasing patience and strength that these Bulls possess. They are fiercely loyal and devoted to their families and even tolerate their idiosyncrasies.

7. Generosity

Much like cancer, Taurus has a need for security too. They do well with money, as they slowly pile up their cash and stack it away safely for rainy days. These May people love prizing their possessions that provide them warmth. However they have wide pockets and large heart for friends and family.

8.  Sensuality and Sensitivity

Taurus people are sensual in their own way. They have a deep love for art and music; they admire beauty in their own gentle way. Music touches their soul and soothes their emotions. Many Taurerans have even beautiful voices and deep laughter.

The more you know about Taureans, the more you love them. They are the silent, strong pillars of our society, who gave a strong foundation to the society and their family and friends. People around them can always lean on them, in need of support, warmth and guidance. The wisdom and the rich perspective these people have is very precious.

Taureans themselves are truly priceless!