TAURUS – What will the year 2020 bring forth for you? Taurus Horoscope Year 2020

With Venus, your ruling planet positioned in 9th House, the beginning of new year 2020 will bless you Taureans with happiness, success and everything beautiful in life. There will remain total of 5 main planets in your 9th House entire year 2020. That will undoubtedly bring unexpected benefits to you. Planet Mars is located in your 7th House and blesses you with marital bliss. Your love life will bloom. Those seeking companionship will find their mates this year.

Saturn Plays an Important Role in 2020

At the beginning of 2020, Saturn occupies your 12th House. As always Saturn causes delays and disrupts luck. You will get to face sudden and unexpected delays at work. Only near the end of January, projects at work will start running smoothly.

11th May on wards, Saturn turns retrograde bringing issues, conflicts and misunderstandings at work. Avoid starting any new project.

Be careful regarding making any new decision; take long time for contemplation. More sudden delays can be expected. Practice patience. Avoid any type of business negotiations during this period. Saturn has its way of delaying every possible thing. But at the end,
you only learn new lessons.

Jupiter in 2020

Jupiter occupies your 8th House. You need to take care of your health. Adopt healthy habits, take out
time for exercise, cut the fat and junk from your diet. Jupiter’s sight on your 9th House will bring forth benefits to you. For those whose mothers or females playing mother role are not having good health, great improvements will take place. You will face no problems in buying vehicle or property.

Jupiter enters your 9th House on 30th March, and joins Saturn already occupying same House. This is favorable to you and will cause success and auspiciousness in all aspects of your life. Jupiter turns retrograde on 14th May, calling forth beneficial period. Issues related to career, finance, property and health will get sorted and see progress.

On 13th September, Jupiter turns progressive. You will get benefitted immensely by luck and all issues will be solved this month. Pending or delayed work will soon see finishing line.

Rahu in 2020

Rahu enters your ruling sign on 23 rd September. Rahu helps us find out our hidden talents and put them to good use. You will benefit hugely from real estate. Business will prove prosperous. Finance will also improve.