Six of Swords – Letting go of Stagnation

You know it that the situation doesn’t serve you anymore. You know it that the relationship has been over and dead for long time now. You have been stagnated in life. It’s high time that move on…
That’s why came up this card.
Six of Swords tells us to let go of everything in life that doesn’t serve you. What is not good for your higher self, let it go.
Only after you let go of the toxic things in life, can the good and positive enter.
Create a sacred space and invite new opportunities, new love, new people and new exciting opportunities.

Today’s positive Affirmation:

“I am ready for change in my life. I let go of everything – old situations, unhealthy patterns, rotten belief systems, toxic relationships… I make space for only that thing which is best for my higher self.”