Creating A Pooja Room at Home Ideas

Importance of Prayer Corner in our House

Not many people understand the need of creating Prayer Corners in home, let alone the need to communicate with the Creator. I too was one of these people who didn’t take these thoughts seriously. But little to my surprise my life wanted something else from me as if a minor upheavel in my belief system was not enough to force me to reckon the divine presence in our lives. Well, here goes the story- Some time ago one of my college time friends called me up. As I heard his voice on the telephone I rejoiced; his Baritone voice warmed up my heart; it reminded me of the beautiful moments that we had spent during our college years. After graduating we had moved on with our lives, got job, got into relationships and got married. But still I used to remember our bond of friendship that had enriched us both and made us better human beings.   For a while I was transported into those nostalgic memories until the voice said, „Hi, umm..how are you…I actually needed your help. Can you help me out?“ and abruptly broke my reverie. I felt a punch in my gut. The warmth of that voice had turned dry and crisp. I was talking to a person who years ago was my closest friend, never remembered me later and now suddenly all the years down called me up only for some help. Nothing else! To my relief we found out that I could do nothing to help him out of his problem and then he was gone. This incident brought me to a deep contemplation. I was so ecstatic when my dear friend called me up and then I was saddened and somewhat disappointed to know it was only for some help. He called me not to connect but for some help. That brought me into thinking- How often do we turn towards God and when do we seek him out? Only when we are knee deep into some mess! This mundane incident had shaken me up so voilently that suddenly my entire focus in life was zoomed in on our creator, who created everything including us.   My mother had already built up a small temple in our house. But rarely I sat there and communicated with God. But after I had this realization of human selfishness, I consecrated the small temple into my personal prayer space where I will be regularly and dutifully communicating with Him. Lately this habit of maintaining regular communication with Him has turned into an omnipresent telepathy that is all time ON. It doesn’t surprise me when I realize that the communication is happening two way. I receive answers to my unspoken questions, symbolic clarifications to my unuttered doubts. The energy I once felt in my prayer space, I carry it now within me all the time.

Why build a Prayer Room in Home

Every body has different reasons why they pray to God. Some approach Him when they need help while some simply crave the peace, love and understanding that comes when we are in deep communion with God. I too had my reasons when I turned towards Him. The above mentioned incident only expedited my decision to do so. Just like we devote certain spaces for certain functions like bedroom for sleeping, kitchen for cooking, study room for studying, bathroom for taking bath etc, we must devote a certain space to our creator. A Prayer Room consecrated with an intent to communicate with God is naturally imbibed with loving, positive and high energies. This is the best space to go to when you want to calm your mind, think straight through negative emotions or simply meditate.  

How to Design a Prayer Room

Having one’s own Prayer Space in the house is a spiritual sanctuary that helps enriching your life and bringing you peace and love. When designing your prayer room you must remember not to clutter it with things that can distract you. Here are few tips for designing a beautiful Meditation Room: Painting the walls of this room as per your desired mood is essential. One should not forget that the colors very much affect our mood and senses. Vibrant and very bright colors help in uplifting and energizing the mood. Whereas on the other side soft and neutral hues bring us to deep meditative mood. Put a thick rug or carpet on the floor. You can add cushions to make the space more comfortable. Create a high vibration Altar. An Altar is the focal point of the Prayer Room where you put candles, paintings or murals of your deities, incense sticks etc. Do not add anything fancy so as not to distract yourself. Accessories like bells, incense burners, salt, crystals used for meditation can be added. Since the day I dedicated a time and space in my life to my Creator, I have noticed a lot of positive changes in my life and in my personality. I hope the changes reverberate the transformative vibrations into other people’s lives too… Elizabeth Schneider Guest Writer