• August 16, 2021

Being Conduit of Divine Healing Energy!

Internal and external healing on all levels is taking place in your life. Past life issues might be emerging for easy release. A tough situation, an uncomfortable relationship or a physical challenge is being resolved on multiple levels. This is the right time to let go of all inner grievances and extend forgiveness to everybody….

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  • August 1, 2021

Celebrate Life!

It’s time for celebration. Weddings, pregnancy announcements, birth of a new life or reunions of old forgotten friends are on horizon. Some people might get promotion in job or a degree in education. As life offers you occasion for celebration, you need to have more fun in life. Take a break, relax. You have been…

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  • July 2, 2021

Six of Earth – Gratefulness!

There is so much in your life to be thankful to God. Look around you and you will see how blessed you are to have food on your table, roof upon your head, a warm bed to sleep in and family that loves you. Make it a point to always be grateful to the universe….

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  • June 27, 2021

Daily Tarot Reading: Nine of wands is the card of Resolve, Patience and Perseverance.

This card speaks to those who haven’t yet given up, until they have accomplished what they have set out to do. You have been struggling for some time now to make your dreams come true with no apparent good results. But do not allow this to dishearten you, since the victory is close. This card…

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  • June 26, 2021

Think Beautiful Thoughts!

it’s time to apply the power of positive thinking in your life. You are feeling entrapped in a situation that is making you utterly hopeless. However all your negative emotions and fears are stemming from anxiety that is not at all related to reality. Some of you are being focused on accumulation of material things….

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