• August 16, 2021

Being Conduit of Divine Healing Energy!

Internal and external healing on all levels is taking place in your life. Past life issues might be emerging for easy release. A tough situation, an uncomfortable relationship or a physical challenge is being resolved on multiple levels. This is the right time to let go of all inner grievances and extend forgiveness to everybody….

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  • August 7, 2021

Look into your beliefs

When own belief system is self limiting and fault finding, we would always find evidences in life that prove what we believe in. When we believe that we always get along well with nice people, we do get well with great people. However when we believe that we are often used and manipulated by bad…

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  • July 19, 2021

Five of Air – Learning your Lessons

Even if the current situation has not unfolded as you’d have expected, there is nothing disempowering about it. Stand in your power and simply learn. Instead of brooding over the unwise choice and wrong decision you have made, derive your life lessons from it and move forward. Additionally you need to be aware of the…

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  • July 1, 2021

Surrender to Passion

We all have a passion for something which we totally love to do. Some people have a passion for painting, dancing, singing, traveling or cooking. Passion doesn’t have to be only for bigger or noble things. We could have a passion for as simple as cycling into the woods, sitting in nature listening quietly to…

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Daily Tarot Reading
  • June 29, 2021

Seven of Earth – Reaping what is Sown

This card demands patience and perseverance. Your hard work has paid off. Fruits of your labour are already growing and you are just about to reap what you have sown. Take a pause before you plan next step of action. Some of you might be possibly facing a delay. Believe that this delay is temporary…

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