Daily Horoscopes: 07-Feb-2015


Daily Horoscopes: 07-Feb-2015

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Aries Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday)

It might agitate you if you find your goals fading into the air. The current energy does not seem solid but disjointed and this further fuels your anger. Should you indulge in any confrontation, make sure you make it constructive. Remember, you hold the power to bring positive change!

Taurus Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday)

you are fed up of keeping up with your forever busy schedule and are looking forward for some quiet relaxation. However, you might not find an easy and quick retreat from all your pending work. Only way out is to remain focussed and finish off early.

Gemini Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday)

You find sudden changes stimulating and quite fun but today you could become unsettled due to the sheer intensity of the high wave you are riding. Be patient enough to let go of any potential conflict. It’s no good for you happy soul to be involved in fruitless arguments.

Cancer Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday)

You are outraged at the recent unfairness and injustice that happened with you at work. However, you are not willing to share your thoughts just yet. You are focussed on the needs of your family members while keeping yourself firm locked on high emotional tides. Perhaps you need to go into deep contemplation – letting go of the anguish you have suppressed inside of you and hoping for a happy future.

Leo Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday)

With the circumstances growing out of your control, you are becoming emotionally exhausted and distraught. Kep yourself at present and don’t wander into hopeless past or unknown future. Listen to the wise words of people who wish well of you.

Virgo Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday)

You are finding it hard to make a logical decision as your thoughts and feelings are pulling you in two different direction. Never mind, now you are extra sensitive and receptive with the flood of information coming towards you. Wait until you have got all the facts down on table and then weigh the pros and cons of the situation at hand.

Libra Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday)

It is hard for you to keep your inner calm when someone confronts you regarding your values. Nevertheless, you are a tough cookie when it comes to compromising on anything that relates to your rock firm beliefs. However, you also have a strong need to maintain harmony in your near atmosphere. Needless to say, your actions speak louder than your words.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday)

You are very protective and very loving for the people you love in your life. Nevertheless, you won’t remain passive if someone keeps irritating you repeatedly . But catch yourself before you wound someone badly with your sword like words. Peace can be brought without creating a fight.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday)

Today you might face relationship issues that you thought were buried in the past. There is no need to play around the issue anymore but face them. Only way out is to maintain compassion and speak your truth however harsh it may sound. Truth sets everyone free, while love heals the hurts.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday)

Relationships has taken the centre stage in your life recently. You are concerned lately about solving your personal issues rather than thinking all time about work. You might miss out on work while strengthening emotional bonds with family and friends. Try to bring balance in life and keep an eye at work front also.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday)

There is a possibility that you might get so wrapped up in attending your own needs that you ignore a significant relationship. Usually, it is not good to stifle creative self expression. However, right now a little compromise will be required of you so that your could reestablish an emotional connection with someone you love. Cherishing the people you have been blessed with in life should be your top priority for the day.

Pisces Daily Horoscope: 7th Feb 2016 (Sunday)

pisces might be feeling all good and impressed regarding your plans but others’ feelings might not be same. Also your own defensive behaviour could prove that you are not up for cooperation. State freely your ideas instead of withdrawing, all the while without convincing anyone that you are right. You will be surprised later to see people joining your cause.

Read About Weekly Horoscope

Take Advantage Of Weekly Horoscopes – Read Your Signs

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The coming back of shadows from the daunting past will stop as Mercury Retrograde gets over this week. No more irritating delays and technical glitches to test your patience. However, if you are looking to buy anything related to technology or investing into some project, hold on till the time Mercury rests at the place from where it started! Most probably, that would be the Valentines… What could be sweeter and more pleasant than that?

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Weekly Horoscopes Aries (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

This week starts on the note of goodness. Do talk about your dreams, ideas and goals with someone who possesses knowledge as well as experience since the feedback you get in return will bring greater insights to you. Midweek will be good for travelling; you will come in contact with many positive people at work. Do something that will enhance your health. Friday brings consideration to you and certain assertiveness in your words.   Hold on your Aries temper and things will go smoothly.

Weekly Horoscopes Taurus (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

The presence of Aquarius Sun in your 10th House of Career makes you all the more noticeable.  People are impressed with you! Travel for fun appears on cards. However, around midweek or after that, during Friday, something might bring an unnatural halt in your plans. Wednesday makes for the best time for social networking – lots of party invitations coming in! Maintain patience with partner and close friends.

Weekly Horoscopes Gemini (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

Presence of Mars in your sign brings you loads of luck. You are looking for stimulation in life and are quite keen on setting out on an adventure. Midweek brings to you exciting real estate news. Invite your pals at home and have a nice little party. Folks will be generous and too loving towards you all throughout this week. Matters regarding property and money will get a little aggressive; so, be patient and keep your cool.

Weekly Horoscopes Cancer (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

Things around you are getting intense and you are on self-improvement mission in life. Matters take a surprising turn towards property, debt etc. Make sure, you remain low key regarding these things on Friday. Your love life is on all time celebration and you are riding the wave well. What a good opportune week for you! Don’t push your agenda onto others; also don’t let yourself be pushed by others.

Leo Weekly Horoscopes (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

The sun – your source of energy – is quite far from your sign. Take this entire week as a period for rest; sit back and relax on your haunches. Do get maximum sleep and give rest to your nerves. Take care of your health. Midweek will be focused on business and money matters and you will do quite well in managing both. In the week’s end, get back on diplomacy and patience as you would require both!

Weekly Horoscopes Virgo (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

You feel like you could be better organized in life all because of the presence of sun in your 6th House of Work and Duties. This makes you yearn to become more efficient, effective, organized and productive. Midweek will bring to you happiness and sweet times. During the week’s end, you will find social situations challenging. Interaction with partner, children and other people will test your patience.

Weekly Horoscopes Libra (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

This week starts with a blissful note as you get invitations for parties and vacations and trips. So, social networking is on card. Spend the entire week with friends, family and loved ones. Midweek is a great time to spend with romantic partners. Avoid all kinds of arguments and conflicts.

Weekly Horoscopes Scorpio (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

The presence of fiery Mars makes the already headstrong and iron-willed Scorpions all the more deadly! Put this increased strength and laser sharp focus to good use, and do some good to the world around you. Attain great accomplishments. Do spend time with family and loved ones. Keep your temper down-to-earth during week’s end.

Weekly Horoscopes Sagittarius (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

Mini vacations, work trips, lots of socializing – so much to keep you busy! All you want from life is little action and constant stimulation, so, you gonna love this week. This is also an opportune time for artists like writers, teachers and actors and people in sales and marketing profession. Creative energy from universe is flowing towards you. Remain low key during week’s end though!

Weekly Horoscopes Capricorn (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

Your prime focus this week is on money and cash flow as you grow more serious about your financial status and security in life. With the presence of three strong planets – Mercury, Pluto and Venus – in your sign, make sure to be calm and down-to-earth and not get caught up with any illogical and insane idea even if it’s your own thing! Currently, you are wired with lots of high energy that could make you feel jumpy. So, do spend some quite time in nature in solitude.

Weekly Horoscopes Aquarius (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

As you must know that the current time is the most powerful time of the year for you. This week, you will feel your ambition and passion re-ignited for your dreams. Midweek is good for discussing pending matters on finance and business. Whatever takes place will be most benefitting for you. Keep your cool on Friday and Saturday.

Weekly Horoscopes Pisces (24 Jan to 31 Jan)

This week will bring calmness to your inner waters. This low-key period is the excellent time to strategize and make plans for what you want to do in future and how you want to go for it. For Pisces, the entire year is for traveling and exploring different fields of study and profession to pursue. Higher study too is on cards. Midweek will bring fun times for you, do let off some steam with friends.

Daily Horoscope: Thursday – 22-Oct-2015

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Aries Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

Something has stirred up today, and you need to rein in your anger unless you destroy things with your hurtful words. The current situation is tense enough not needing you to add fire to it. Use sometime to calm down your emotions and collect yourself and then state your message — that will leave a bigger impact.

Taurus Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You are uncharacteristically full of energy today, too ardent to take risks that you wouldn’t otherwise think of taking. You are restless, just waiting for throwing another mischief. The strength and the intensity of your energy and desires lurking beneath that is empowering you today. Be unconventional and original today; that will bring happiness to you.

Gemini Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

Some wonderful surprise is awaiting you today. But you feel some strange uncomfortable knot at the pit of your stomach. What’s before you is not the full story; you will have to wait to know the complete truth. Till the truth comes out clear, you can rely on your intuition that will surely guide you onto the right way.

Cancer Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You are too much into your goals; you are building up a serious, committed plan of action towards your ambitions. However, you might have a tough time expressing what you are thinking. Don’t resist yourself if your emotions take you today to an unchartered terrain. Don’t hold back; it might be an interesting journey for you that will bring to you some wonderful experience and wise lessons.

Leo Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

Think twice today before forming any friendship or partnership with anyone. You first need to check how deep the water is before plunging headfirst in it. The emotional currents could be so intense that for a moment you might be hugely confused as in what direction you are headed. So, test everything before committing to it.

Virgo Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You might pull back from expressing yourself if you feel someone criticism weighing heavily upon you. But you know one thing which is that you are already in a stronger position than you think. So, you need not waste energy proving to others your intentions. Follow your plan of action and others will admire you when they see the results.

Libra Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You might be feeling on edge today as everyone around you is busy in their own interests. but soon you will be able to bring back yourself to balance. Although people might behave recklessly or dodge their responsibilities, but you will regain your centre again and again as if nothing could derail you. A happy and peaceful day ahead!

Scorpio Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

Your relationships and finances are going though transition and this is keeping you up-tight in anxiety. You might not realize that your life is in much better shape now as the darker times are in past. All you need to do is to keep a firm hold of faith and hope and things shall be alright again.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You feel an inner turmoil today despite that your inner voice is assuring you that everything is going to be fine. Yet you are not willing to listen this optimism when it comes to managing your relationships. Listen to your heart. The strength of your inner faith could get you past this rough phase and clear away the confusion for you.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You are sincere in your approach towards your goals and deeply committed in all your hard efforts. But still you might second guess that what if you took the wrong decision and the wrong road to success. Though you are not seeing much of a success ahead, maintain persistence and the reward will approach you soon.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You might feel a desire for isolation now yet you must remain emotionally available in your relationships today. Bolts of lightning are surrounding you from everywhere and electricity is in the air. You don’t need to finalize anything or take any decision today. So, just enjoy the thrill now and keep tensions at bay.

Pisces Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You are in the midst of a storm that you can’t control. You want to forget all your responsibilities for a little while and stay absorbed in your turmoil. There is lot more to it than what meets the eye. Instead of looking for someone outside for answers go deep within yourself. There you shall find peace and all your questions answered.

Daily Horoscope 10-Oct-2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes


People are on their aggressive edge today so keep your defenses in position. Also your own heightened sensitivity could make you take someone’s advice as criticism. There is no need to take anything personally; remaining flexible in thinking is the motive for today.


You are so much focused on the tiny details of the project that you could lose sight of the bigger picture. People around you might get bit uncomfortable for your perfectionism today. But progress seems to be far away from your grasp. Don’t worry, you will gain momentum on coming days.


You might not get support from your friends as you had expected today, but their concern is for your own good. Don’t make promises or commitments now that you can’t fulfill later. You might have good intentions but your intentions might not save the promises from being broken tomorrow against the forces of nature.


You might be trying to justify your position to others in vain. Remaining true to self is more important than proving your stance to others. Instead of making everyone else comfortable, bring peace and comfort in your inner self.


Today you could end up chasing your own tail without accomplishing much of the work. The environment around you is proving to be distracting today, as again and again you run to multiple directions. Practice self-restraint as that would help you strictly focused on one track.


Think twice before deciding on anything today. Stay careful when it comes to buying or acquiring something as today you can’t seem to sort out facts properly. Seek advice from someone you trust and someone who is experienced in directing you in decision process.


Time to get half done work complete today! You are done with the talking part now, as you roll up your sleeves, sit down and get off finishing the tasks one by one. Your words carry power today so, make sure you don’t waste them in self-criticism.


Your fantasies instead of your logic could save your day today and untangle your from a murky situation. You might not find all the answers to a complex situation but your good intentions coupled with your persistence could make you a success story.


You feel like today you are paying for the bad decisions you have made in the past along with the past mistakes. But don’t worry, as with time you are gaining crystal clarity in your thoughts. So, before speaking gather and assemble properly your thoughts and say exactly what you want to express.


Your feelings are like a whirlpool today, although you are not overwhelmed like others. Look to others with authority how they form the decisions instead to responding impulsively and regretting it later. Let your unstable emotions first gain some amount of stability only then set out to complete any task.


You might see it clearly how the plans you have once made fell apart slowly. But the plan wreckage is over now as mercury finishes its retrograde today, and tornado of ideas as a result could set your off suddenly to a new direction. Gather the ideas, pluck out the best ones and discard the rest and together start forming a successful strategy.


You are yearning for progress and any forward movement, but the growing impatience could stop your progress today. It will be difficult to go along with anyone who has different goals from you. Your endeavors will gain success in coming days as your thinking grows sharper.

You Daily Horoscope

Reading Time: 3 minutes


You think you have your thoughts sorted in love department, but you are building too many expectations today. The key to building beautiful relationships with long-lasting consequences lies in going with the flow and following your heart. Then see whom you come across on the way.


The dynamics of the relationships are changing and there is danger ahead that you could misinterpret an emotional situation if you don’t hear every single word properly. You might be left with confusion and unnecessary concerns regarding someone’s feelings. Better would to ask a question that would clear your confusion and also clear the air between you and the other person.


You think that you have expressed your part but other people could misconstrue your words. Since you don’t care to explain the obvious, still it will do you good if you unfold your story bit by bit. There is no need to play guessing game when your heart is at stake.


There is so much to attend today, so much to accomplish that your schedule could get disarrayed if you didn’t pay attention to doing what you are doing at present. You might feel confusion since people are not giving clear answers to your questions today. So, ask pointed questions and then follow the advice.


You find your dreams surprisingly real today as you feel more and facts lose importance before you. Someone might think that you are floating in an illusion but your intuition, imagination and your brilliant imagination help you come out with amazing potential in order to achieve your dreams.


Today is not the best day to do hard work and to go into critical details. Relax and give yourself some personal space. Instead of limiting your thoughts to the mundane world, let your mind and imagination soar beyond the horizon.


You are introspective today brooding over different truths of life. Thankfully, you don’t need to keep an eye over watching the reality around you or escaping into a private room. You can seek into inner-self anywhere anytime and also switch to different worlds as and when required.


You are yearning to share your big plan with your friends. But find it hard to find free time. Don’t escape from what you have committed. With your sharp focus and hard work, you could finish up your work early and follow with your dreams.


There have come up some problems on domestic front today that could stop you midway towards your ambitions. Keep it simple and less today. As you see the misunderstanding and hurdles coming on the next few days, you would thank yourself for halting your plans.


You find it hard today to take your mind away from your deep seated desires and secret dreams. But these could totally sidetrack you from your committed works if not controlled in time. It is good to meander around, while still believing that you can always find your way back home.


You might not be projecting your usual confidence today, and people might easily see your emotions slip out from the defensive wall your have built around you. Let those today whom you trust see your softness, beneath that hard shell you raise grow around yourself. It’s good to be strong, however it is more important to be real.


You will find it effortless today to fall in love with a distant vision, a spiritual calling or any amazing person. Your mind and your heart are aching to go into pure magical territory, so, don’t be afraid. You can always untangle the mysteries of life later but right now you must enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Daily Horoscope 18-sep-2015

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Daily Aries Horoscope

A change is in the air that urges you to look for personal growth in the distant horizons. In the past, you might have been satisfied with generalities in terms of goals but now you are driven to do something big in future. And so, you are all set to define long term goals in life. First see if your internal clearing is complete, things are up to the mark at domestic front and things are going great in personal relationships, and if all you deem fit…set off then towards exploring unchartered fields. Gather as much information to turn your abstract ideas into concrete reality

Daily Taurus Horoscope

Your relationships have taught you a great deal of lessons in life. It is time now to incorporate all those lessons into your being and in practice in life. The transformation is taking place in you gradually. Certain issues — like financial dependence and emotional support — are going to come up and you will need time to delve deeper into them in order to sort them out. Build on self-sufficiency; it will strengthen your character in the long run.

Daily Gemini Horoscope

People are demanding these days; don’t let it wear your enthusiasm off. Instead recognize that it’s time to raise the standard of all the tasks you do. The interactions you will have today with people will become the foundation for healthier relationships and good partnerships in life. You will gain experience and a greater knowing of self through the one-to-one interactions and this will empower you all the more.

Daily Cancer Horoscope

Today is the day to learn all the past lessons and self-improvement tips and putting into practice. There is still a great deal of hard work ahead that you must do and the great rewards are waiting for you. So, start from small things and develop momentum and pace with time. It is a day of pressure, tight deadlines, but to everyone’s surprise, you are keeping up. Do not leave physical exercise in your daily regimen as it helps you greatly in reaching your highest potential.

Daily Leo Horoscope

Channel your creativity into activities that will bring visible outcomes and that will make your life better. You are more serious in your business as your approach now reflects sobriety. Among fulfilling all the duties in life, don’t forget that there exists a more spontaneous approach to life. So, allow more joy in life and things will appear sunnier making you happier.

Daily Virgo Horoscope

You find today that your past incidents, memories and experiences are wounding their way back to the present moment. Parental relationships — with yours or your children – will be on spotlight today. It is time to take on your responsibility today and to play your role sincerely. Some personal issues will also demand your attention. Take time to think and then take action as deemed right.

Daily Libra Horoscope

Say what you mean and mean what you say today. Today is a day when you will not tolerate any nonsense. You have been carrying the burden of responsibilities on your shoulders for too many years; start making changes now! The changes done today will re-set your life’s structure for a very long time. If you are afraid to call on big changes, start with small improvements.

Daily Scorpio Horoscope

Today it feels like something heavy took off your shoulders as you feel huge but odd relief. Often the seeds of a future are sowed in the now, so remain present in the present moment and let your exhilaration dream up a bright future. Take stock of your financial resources today. Re-prioritize the things in life and fine time to cherish the activities you love most.

Daily Sagittarius Horoscope

Your power of concentration is heightened today. So, make sure you focus on growing your potential not your limitations. Saturn’s return to your sign has brought increased optimism yet a deep maturity that will help you manage your life and its varied affairs. It would be better for you to set down to tasks rather than flying in blind optimism.

Daily Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorns are so famous for making long term plans, executing them and achieving success. You possess the queer quality to calculate what needs to be done today to reach a specific goal tomorrow. Before reaching out to new goals, make sure you finish up all your old incomplete projects.

Daily Aquarius Horoscope

As friendly Aquarian, you make for a valuable team member to work with to succeed at some particular goal. However, non-conformist tendencies make you feel like an outsider and that alienates you from people. (What you are feeling inside might not be visible to everyone though!) But today, resistance is worthless. Your adherence to social obligations could make a great difference in successes and failures. All you need is maintain your individuality while working for common greater good.

Daily Pisces Horoscope

Improve your work habits if some improvement is needed, there is a chance that you might get either great successes or horrible setbacks due to your work attitudes. If your commitment was good in past, your efforts will be greatly rewarded. New responsibilities will be given to you…and that can also mean a nice boom in income. But if you have been lacking in sincerity then the coming time could be too burdensome for you.

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