Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on 25th and 26th December 2019


While we are all set to bid farewell to year 2019 and on our way to welcoming the new year 2020, heavens are going to throw celestial treat at as. The upcoming Capricorn New Moon is an annual solar eclipse, well total solar eclipse, when the Moon will entirely eclipse the sun forming a powerful ring of fire in the sky.

This last solar eclipse of year 2019 is going to bring huge impact and transformation of energies on personal consciousness as well as collective consciousness. 

For many people, this could be extremely emotional Christmas as this eclipse energies are going to make us work through our past. Whenever the Moon eclipses the Sun, emotions run deep during this period and instincts take precedence. Almost just any thing at this time could make you feel depressive or angry and cry.

Capricorn is the Zodiac sign on tradition and ancestral patterns. An Eclipse in Capricorn therefore will put intense energies upon the wounds, emotional patterns, deep lurking feelings that have roots in your past beneath your layers of common awareness – the Unconscious and the Subconscious. During this period you will get huge support from heavens to burn away the negative patterns and deep cleanse the self-deteriorating behaviours. As you work not against these energies, but along with them, you would be able to free yourself from those long woven chains that enslave you to past karmic / ancestral patterns.

The Eclipse energy do not just burst open on the day of Eclipse; we can normally start feeling the powerful energies working up inside us days before the actual Eclipse and going still even days after the Eclipse is over. During this period, you will encounter the fearful aspect of your own soul and that of others. Little things could be triggering old wounds. This calls for deep acceptance and love and a willingness to let go of old energy and ability to hold that space in order to fill it with the new, healing and transformative energy.

Only if you are able to embrace with unconditional love your Self and that of the others, you will make progress with self-healing and the healing of the others. 

This is a time for allowing conscious endings in order to pave path for conscious new beginnings. Being present and fully aware in this period will leave you deeply healed and grateful for what all there is to come…

Peace & Love & Light!