Shree Yantra: how to keep Shree Yantra at Home (Part-2)

In the previous article of our Vastu Yantras series, we talked about Vyapar Vridhi Yantra, which is a very important Vastu tool for bringing fortune and prosperity in a person’s life. In this article, we are going to discover another equally important Vastu Yantra

Shree Yantra: A Tool to purify your Spiritual Self and be Prosperous

One of the most powerful, omnipotent and auspicious Yantras in Vastu Shastra is Shree Yantra. Shree Yantra is related to Goddess Lakshmi, also called as “Shree”. The most important aspect of this Yantra that makes it completely distinct from the all other Yantras is that Shree Yantra not only attracts wealth and affluence but also brings mental stability, harmony and contentment to the bearer. Shree Yantra is a tool which helps a person be affluent, be it material wise or in spirituality.

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This Yantra acts as the remover of all obstacles including negative energies being thrown at you and helps you to achieve abundance in life.

The most auspicious Shree Yantra is made up of an ashta dhatu, that is a mixture of eight metals like zinc, copper, aluminum, nickel, iron, lead, manganese and magnesium. Shree Yantra is established on Friday morning. First clean it with panchamrit or raw milk, then place it on a red cloth in pooja room.

Shree Yantra Mantra that you need to recite daily to energize this Yantra is:- “Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmye Namah”.

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At times our life can be so full of obstacles and difficulties that it feels like nothing is in our control. Everything in life becomes a source of stress and anxiety. We face friction and conflicts in our relationships, feelings of financial insecurity, failed investments, increasing debts, feelings of stagnation in life and loss of income prospects.

This is often caused because we are surrounded by clouds of negativity that damages our discernment and mars our good luck. Shree Yantra is a one end solution to end all the negativity, obstacles and difficulties in life. Apart from improving one’s financial prospects, this Yantra also brings mental peace and harmony in life.


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