Card 1: Justice

This card signals that you are trying to make a decision. Angels suggest that if you are facing difficulty while taking a decision, chose what is right. Act from wisdom while extending fairness towards everyone involved.

The card speaks about standing up for your beliefs. For those involved in legal matters, worry not, for the decision will be made in your favor.
Also take responsibility for your decision and it’s consequences.


Card 2: Ego

This card signals towards the sense of entrapment that you are feeling. Your feelings are stemming from baseless anxieties that are far from reality. You need to adopt a positive perspective on the given situation.

The card also points towards your obsession regrading accumulation of material things. Through this you might be trying to fill an emotional void.

Give all your fears and anxieties to God and see how you are freed from everything that doesn’t make you happy.

Card 3: Three of Water

This card speaks of celebration. Happy announcements! Joyous reunions!
You need to lighten up and have more fun. Universe bestows good fortune upon you.