Queen of Air: Today’s Tarot Card Reading 29 October 2021


Your clear decision making abilities are needed right now. See through any hidden agendas.

It’s time to remove anything or anyone from your life whose presence no longer serves your greatest good. 🌼💞Still, try to see the underlying humour.🤠

It’s time to clear out clutter. Gain wisdom forged by real life experiences.🙇🧘😍

Ace of Water 🧚

A wonderful new person is coming into your life!🎉👯 This could involve a budding romantic relationship or renewed romance within your current relationship. 💕💓

Positive emotions such as joy, pleasure and happiness are likely. You may find yourself falling in love.😍❤️
Your psychic abilities especially clairsentience (intuitive feelings) are getting increased. 🌼🌛

Spiritual growth accompanies the rich emotional experiences you’re having right now. 💞