Pitru Paksh Sraadh Puja: कब , कैसे और कहाँ करें श्राध पूजा ?

Pitru Paksha is a sacred 16 –lunar day period in hindu calendar when the Hindus pay homage (food and offerings) to their ancestors as a form of thanks for what they have given the younger generation. The very famous Shradh (death rite) is performed during this time period.

This ritual is a sacred way of remembering and honouring the spirits of ancestors by the younger generations.

Listen to our Astrologer, Rama Shankar Upadhyay in this video, and know:-

  • What is Shradh or Tarpan? What happens around these days?
  • How to pay homage to your ancestors?
  • In the unfavourable circumstances, how can one still honour his ancestors?

And many more things that you must know in order to pay homage, and honour and thanks your loving ancestors.

Very often in life we suffer under mysterious conditions, we face unexplainable losses of life, wealth, fame etc. Rama ji explains in this video that it all happens due to “Pitra Rinn” that is “Debt” to our ancestors which we have not still paid.

If you are facing difficulties in performing shradh or have any questions in mind, please email us or simply post as comments. We hope to answer all your queries and doubts.

Do not forget that:

Our ancestors are our spirit guardians, who watch over us. They can feel our intentions and our emotions. Many people who are into tarot and meditation often seek their ancestors for their precious divine guidance.