Why Do We Charge for Astrological Horoscope Readings?


There goes one of the laws of universe that says – Balance is the key. Yes, truly balance is
the key in everything, from business to personal relationships, from external world to inner
world. There must be equal take to every give just like equal give to equal take. If you give
more than what you take, you will soon be exhausted. Similarly if you take more than what
you give, you are clearly exploiting.

The same principle applies to services. When we provide any kind service to the world, we
are entitled to receive in any kind. If we keep giving without receiving, we would end up
getting burn out.

Therefore we charge the minimum amount to our clients for providing astrological readings,
horoscope predictions or any other service that we offer. What will happen if we do not
charge our customers?

Case one: When you don’t pay for a thing you received, you will develop a
psychological impression of its insignificance and you will not understand its
importance. You will not take the urgency of the prediction revealed to you a serious
business. Ultimately our and your efforts will go for nothing.

Case two: Since we both disregarded the Universal law, and there has not been a
equal give and take, either one of us or both will end up feeling dissatisfied and
uninspired to go further on the desired path.

Astrological predictions regarding your life are deeply linked with the seer’s intuitive
capability, his sensitivity and creative abilities. We create for the sake of creating and for the
welfare of our customers. The process of giving and receiving are as natural as inhaling and
exhaling. Both are crucial for healthy being. When we resist either one of the processes then
it prevents the creativity from channelling outwards.

The energy of creativity, sensitivity or intuits is sacred, hence it is as important to approach it
with pure intention of helping others as important it is for others to regard it with a love based
giving act. Thus it benefits both the giver and receiver and brings enjoyment, inspiration and
healing to the customer through our products and services.

If you feel good and guided to ask for our services, then feel happy also to pay for it. On daily
base we receive too many e-mail requests for horoscope readings and queries regarding
varied blocks in life. Guys let’s understand that this is a balanced and sacred practice of
giving and receiving. Let’s honor the Universe by following its laws…

P.S. We provide full refund in case you are dissatisfied with our services and
products. What’s more, order your service here and email us your problems. 🙂