Now that’s just not a simple rhyme but an ancient truth stated in poetical way by Barker! Numerology is the science of numbers, and the numbers tell the particular aptitudes and the notorious character tendencies. Numbers have always been sacred and pulsating with the energy of universe Humans have had been exploring the secret science of numbers not since the times of Pythagoras (570 BC) but Mayan civilization as ages, cycles and even the entire universe was broken down and simplified into numbers. And as the Galileo once said Mathematics is the language with which God wrote the universe and so the humans and all life in universe has been codified in numbers. The ancient magic of numerology takes your name and date of birth and reduces the digits down to single digit. Each letter of your name bears a numeric value that co-relates with a peculiar cosmic vibration. The total sum of the numbers in your date of birth and that of the value derived from the letters in your name provides a complex matrix of vibrations. Each of these numbers speaks volume about your character, your entire personality  its strengths & weaknesses and your purpose in life. You would be surprised to know that numerology prediction by date of birth can tell what motivates you, what is it that your soul longs for, where your hidden talents are and where you would find success. Numerology numbers experts also calculate the life cycles and the major events that are about to happen in each cycle. For the business people, numerology helps them know the exact time for investing. The numbers alone can tell you when your long-awaited travel to overseas will happen, when you are going to marry, when to re-locate and when the circumstances in your life will change from bad to good and vice versa.

Understanding Numerology Meanings

In the occult arts, Numerology is the most interesting and easiest to understand. For example, in case of numerology for names, you just need to pick up the values that each letter of your name carries; and in case of numerology by date of birth, you have to simply sum down all the numbers to single digit.

Let’s talk numbers now:-

There are both odd and even numbers in numerology. Probably, no one had told you before that odd numbers are masculine while even numbers are feminine. Well, when we put it in gender distinction, we are not making this art of numerology a gender specific magic. Instead, we are talking about the particular “traits” of masculine and feminine energy that flows within us all. Remember, chi? The principal of Yin and Yang? Exactly. So, you nailed it! 😉 Masculine characteristics are: active, aggressive, creative and thrusting. (there are any more, keep reading the article, you will know it) Feminine characteristics are: warm, passive, yielding and receptive. Generally, masculine and feminine tendencies exist in both sexes. In fact, many numerology numbers in some women’s chart are very masculine and vice versa. There are men too who have feminine energy as the dominant feature in their auras. That’s a compliment well! Similarly you can find strong, aggressive, and forthcoming women; very manly! 😉 Numerology numbers range from 1 to 9. However, when you come across numbers like 11, 22 and 33 do not reduce them to single digits. Keep the numbers alongside though. BECAUSE the double digit numbers are Master Numbers. Master numbers foretell a high degree potential for learning and achievement. But more often than not while facing life tough challenges, these master people crumble down to their single digit parallel vibrations. Master numbers have a destiny to fulfil that is altogether a battle uphill. But this is not for nothing as these souls are given soul assignment by creator to bring transformation in this world that could be attained through their own struggles, hard learned lessons and spiritual alchemy. More on Master Numbers in next post. In this post, we will learn what’s all there in numerology that could benefit you.

What is My Numerology Number?

Many people put up the simplest question to us  what is my numerology number?  That’s the most basic in birthdate numerology. When you ask this, you are asking your life path number. The Life Path is the total sum of your date of birth. Life path number reveals the basic traits that you are ingrained with all through your life. This number describes the nature of your journey and the experiences you have in life. For this, you have to add the day, month and year and calculate till you reach a single digit. When we talk about life path number, there are other important numbers that can’t go unnoticed such as Expression or Destiny number, Soul Urge or The Heart’s Desire Number, The Inner Dreams Number, and Birthday Number.


Have you noticed how every person so much co-relates to the literal meaning of his or her name? That’s sort of beautiful! People choose names for their kids by looking into the word’s profound etymology, linguistic versatility, melodic pronunciation. But do they think of the vibration the name carries? A name describes and affects a person’s personality. That is why many people who have come to know the numerology of their names often decide to change it so as to enhance the name collective vibration or to bring back the harmony in the otherwise chaotic sounding name. Even the name numerology compatibility can save you from a painful heartbreak. So, what are you waiting for? Order for a detailed name and birthdate numerology report and know who you are and who you can be. Wondering if he is the one? Order a name numerology Relationship compatibility report and learn everything worthy and shitty about your prospective relationship.