May Spiritual Energy The Three Is: Intuition, Intention and Interaction

A Deep Reflection and open Receptivity are the two keys that highlight the May energy.

As the month of May starts with a strong five planet retrograde (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) and ends with three (Saturn, Mars and Pluto), you will feel motivated to recognize the truth of your soul and re-align your life by taking heart guided decisions. This month will be loud in terms of letting you know your deepest knowing and souls yearnings.May-month-spiritual-news

As you honour the truth of yourSelf, your endeavours will see success. But contrary to the popular definition of success as per society conventions, you will find progress in the process of how your life is becoming more of an authentic living.

If you are tuned in well to universe, you might receive startling amount of information regarding how to live on following your heart. However if you don’t get sense of what you receive instantly, let it all settle down and with time, everything will make sense and bring you more clarity in terms of making decisions. Don’t get alarmed since this information will change your life’s direction in a dramatic way, if you allow so.
The days ahead will get intense in terms of energy. Do take rest, even short naps during afternoons should your body demand so. If you have never dreamed so vibrant earlier, don’t panic, because some information might come to you in the form of strong visual imprints during dream time. You can keep dream journal wherein you take notes as soon as you wake up. It can be all fun, but also weary if you choose to get weighed down by the intensity in the air.

Well, enough of the other-worldly news, lets get you through the month of May where Intuition and Intention play a significant role:-

Why not start with an intention in our hearts that May get quite easy and magical on us 😉

Since we are probably late for May news, and you have already gone past the first week of the month, so by now you have cleared some of the intense healing that universe is offering to humanity. The first week carried an alignment between Sun, Jupiter and Saturn that also ushered honesty and courage in our fussy ways of living. Before this courage starts weaning don’t forget to make one or two strong, crystal clear intentions. Well, I mean, talk to the universe literally!

5th May onwards till middle of October, many of us, especially with heavy burden weighing down our unconscious and subconscious, will undergo deep purging of negativity and old time unhealthy patterns. So, the patterns and nasty habits which invisibly had been hindering your progress will have been eliminated leaving you feeling liberated. Ahh! You might fly a foot or two even.

However, everything is not so easy and the walk through this cosmic alignment is not so rosy. You might face blown-out-of-proportions reactions from people which have in actual nothing to do with you. Let them freak out while you stay at your centre! When our own inner ghosts will be dragged out of shadowy recess of our psyche, who might not freak out of one’s mind?

Major tendency of people during this intense period will be towards – OMG something has gone wrong; Oh, I sense some unfortunate event; something dark is lurking round the corner; and bla bla bla. But believe me, nothing has gone wrong. It’s just that stagnant energy is being removed and a void is being created for the new that aligns more deeply with your soul’s desires.

New Moon in Taurus 6th / 7th May

taurus-new-moonThis period presents a choice in our life, that is, would you live by the guiding light of truth or the blinding power of ego. In a lot of ways, this is the turning point of many truth seekers on the spiritual path. Ego is not the monster who is made to kill us and devour our soul. Instead it is here in us to be transformed through the sacred fire of our heart into a wise and trustworthy friend.

7th to 16th May: The Grand Trines

This period introduces a series of Grand Trines that will process our complex network of contradicting emotions and keep us rooted in our core peace. As Mercury will cross Sun on 9th May, it shall increase the Jupiter’s effect giving the humanity a lesson that Freedom reverberates through all facets of our soul and all areas of our life. This is the perfect time to look into creative ways to express yourself.

The period will teach what our behaviour with others and our interaction with life say about ourselves. Standing for truth is not always beautiful as sometimes you need to get real ugly. This you shall know in coming days. No matter how tough or ugly it get, outcomes for sticking to truth will be rewarding.

15th to 30th May will promote our inner dialogue and how the self-talk impacts our mental and emotional health. Do you speak words of encouragement, thus motivating yourself? Or do you self berate or loathe your performance or constantly compare yourself with others seemingly perfect people? Are you realistic in terms of your goals and aims or just over-ambitious?

Full Moon  21st / 22nd May

This Lunar event coincides with the retrograde completion of Mercury and so, enhances the faith, courage and hope in us. This Full Moon will test the spiritual mettle in us; it will lure us into the dark territories while promising to reward if we keep with the truth thing. This period will be the crux of spirituality as you will encounter the most intimidating forces calling you to be yet stronger.


Finally, the month of May comes to a close end with Neptune squaring the Sun and the period will stretch from 29th May to 5th June. Self-deception will be around, so be cautious. Even after knowing something is not right, you might act in denial mode, so, take care of this. Face the facts as they are and the inconvenient turn of events will not knock out your breath.

All in all a happy yet challenging month. 🙂

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