Libra – The Scales! Are Librans really balanced creatures? 10 Fun Facts about Librans


Born between September 23 and October 22, Librans belong to the Air element of the zodiac (along with Gemini and Aquarius). Like all air signs, Librans too are cool, charming, and cerebral and calculating.

10 Fun facts about Librans

  • Famed for their love of balance, Librans prefer to keep everything around them on a fair, harmonious and even note. These peaceful souls cannot stand chaos in their private universe. Being an idealistic perfectionists, Librans love to keep their environment tidy and orderly. They lead life in a very neat and orderly way; of course with elegance.


  • Since Libra is ruled by Venus, those born under this Zodiac have typical love for everything holding beauty. That makes Librans develop certain taste for all the finer things life has to offer them. They also make wonderful, tolerant lovers. Librans are also big on self-indulgence. They love to enjoy beauty and bounty that life bestows upon them.


  • In general people often have this mental picture of Librans as calm, perfectly balanced, charming and gracious individuals. Even though Libra signifies balance, their actual personalities are quite far from it.


  • For half of their lives they are heavenly beings exuding charm, grace, scale like balance and elegance. For other half they are quite annoying, irritating, stubborn, restless, unhappy, unsatisfied, confused, quarrelsome and depressed with themselves. That’s the way Librans lead their lives. Their scale of balance keeps swaying and with that their entire personality sways before striking their heavenly balance! Librans are full of inconsistencies.


  • Librans are generally very soft spoken and do not like it at all to be rude to people. However at times they can be downright insulting when they shrug unwanted company off their backs.


  • Librans love their co-humans, they like interacting with them. As a peaceful messenger straight from heavens, they love meditating between jilted lovers, and bring harmony between upset parties. However there are times when they disgust crowds and would love to be left alone with their one or two favorite humans. That’s just Librans’ way of recuperating.


  • For most of time Librans have a pleasant disposition and sunny attitude. They can be but at odd times very biting and sulky, especially if you try to order them around. They are happy free souls who love to keep their own freedom.


  • Being air sign, Librans are extremely intellectual, intelligent and acutely perceptive. But somehow they can also turn disappointedly naïve and gullible. At these times they become very much persuasive over just anything. Much later they realize their folly and to their astonishment it gets too late.


  • Librans being the embodiment of The Scales are most of their lives very peaceful and gentle creatures caring very less about the restless syndrome of our civilization, But at times they too get whipped by it. Then they get frustratingly annoying hurrying up everything in life and everybody around them. In these times of confusion they lose their sense of clarity and become quite gullible.


  • Knowing a Libran for most of the people is like knowing altogether two different personalities in one human. A Libran can be a frustrating lazy bum on one side, whereas on the other side that same lazy bum can turn out to be the world’s most hardworking and determined individual who knows how to aim and then how to achieve that aim.


  • Librans are curious mix of gentleness and intelligence, and grace and understanding. Blessed by Venus they might not be peculiarly beautiful or handsome. But they sure are charming in their own way, such that they have a sunny smile that warms up the people around them and make them want to snuggle up to that charming Libran.


Librans know instinctively that in order to strike harmony within their bodies, they need periodic rest intermittent with crazy spells of hard-working attitude. Librans are very adept at achieving physical harmony. Same goes with their emotions. Almost every Libran knows how to ride equally his/her bouts of low and high emotions and philosophize the sorrows and joys that life offers. People under this Zodiac strive to bring out the best in people around them. They bring beauty and peace and harmony in the lives of those close to them.