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The month of May had a lot of movement going including the deep, sacred soul interactions and making strong inner choices. Many noticed an alarming influx of information from universe that they were just waiting upon for a long time. Many gained a sense of clarity into where to their life is going on. While May inspired several people to live as what they believe in; some people actually started to live it really. An Authentic life based upon one’s core truths.

Who doesn’t want the freedom that comes from making our own choices and willing to do what pleases the soul? Honouring the truth of self is one of the most difficult tasks and yet it begets such sweet outcome. But what if you have been running the same old life for long time, or been stuck in same old patterns? Certainly, then that would require immense courage and something else too.



So, here we are. Into the gentle and constantly-reminding energy of June that is signalling towards nothing but Change.

Change is always good, however it doesn’t seem so at the moment it is occurring. But as you let the movement into the new unfold you will find yourself in a whole new world.

In June the energies around are blessing you with divine alignment. As you empty yourself off all the things worthless and open yourself to the divine flow of energy, you will allow the universe to mold you completely as per your authentic truth…that resides in your core.

As a foreword, June needs you all to focus upon Personal Empowerment, Discernment, Mindfulness and Responsibility.


When life is all rosy, you feel powerful. But what when you are being kicked in the gut, there at that moment either you choose to see yourself as hapless victim or decide to own your power and bring about the change. This depends totally upon you only if you succeed in staying fixed in personal empowerment.

Similarly taking a pause in this fast paced life for a quite Discernment is as much necessary as you being balanced in your centre of being. Because when we do not stop to discern the life, life too fails to notify us of the truth which stands staring at our face. So, walk  “pause”  “discern“ act!

The world includes us; we are a part of it. We make its beautiful picture complete as much as we are a part of its bleakness. Yes, we can’t turn our back at the time when this world is breaking into pieces to form anew. This calls for a sense of Responsibility each of us has towards building a great future.


This can’t be done without you putting forward the intention. And this brings us to the second major theme of this month.

Setting Intention

When we speak, we just do not speak, we mean. In the same way, when we hear someone, we just do not hear, we sense.

Speaking the words which you really mean (within) and listening to something that you really sense (within).

Words are not mere sounds; they carry Vibration; they are pure Energy with which your world is made up of. Therefore, while speaking any word, make sure you and your entire being is in Vibrational Resonance of the spoken word. Words we speak bring out the clarity of our intention.

Here’s the thing to remember: Speak the truth only, for who knows what word from your mouth comes alive. In the heaven, random desires do come true!” (Y)

This month’s highlights:


Eris Conjunct Uranus:

This conjunction brings forth revolution, exposure of lies and deception, and the possibility of achievement of the highest potential of humanity. As usual Uranus is here to shake things up and crumble old stale tradition, expose hidden agendas and spread revolution like fire in the forest. This cosmic planetary arrangement will compel the humanity to look for the core of the awakening. Watch out!



Be ready to get your faith in universe tested. Neptune Retro brings many things all at once dive into the dark and unknown, flight into unreality, avoidance of all and finally return to sacred source.

This period will call for a deep contemplation and soul’s aching need to immerse yourself in divine love. However, as much as you will want to go deep within the spirit, you will also face the biggest threats, denial and old, dark fears put up by ego.


Don’t lose the center of your being, and you will pass the phase calmly and emerge as a shining being of love.

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