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A Word About Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini sign belongs to the Air Element; it is ruled by planet Mercury which governs the planes of movement of ideas, writing and communication. Geminis always have this funny feeling that there is some twin of theirs missing out there, and so they are always in search of new friends, lovers or just people to talk to. There is so much childish innocence about these Twins people, that you could almost get swept away by their intelligent talks and fun loving nature even before you have time to look their other sides.

Gemini Facts

Let’s know the 9 fun facts about the Gemini Zodiac Sign


When you are with a Gemini, just don’t forget that the Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and so there are two very distinct and stark sides to their changeable personality. Sure they are versatile accounting this factor. The mercurial changes of a Gemini’s expression are quite fascinating and memorable. Geminis change their mind pretty fast. That includes their job, love, clothes and residence.

Curiosity & Vibrancy of Nature

A Gemini literally throbs with vibrant energy. The atmosphere they create wherever they go is electric. One can feel the excitement and curiosity in the air. There is a unique eagerness about them; one look on their face and in their eyes can tell so. Agility, intelligence, charm and lightness are the basic characteristics of Geminis duality.


A monotonous life is like poison to the June born people. They almost hate the daily senseless routine. The Twin requires excitement at all times reverberating around them. They are like happiness generators who thrive on exciting atmosphere and multiply the joy flowing round them by manifold.


The Gemini people have a mysterious deep seated desire to act absolutely contrary to what their true desires are. Almost all the typical Geminis have to hide their real motives just like Pisceans. You can never tell what a Gemini person truly thinks or want for the fact.

Mental Agility

The perfect con artist, one can swear by the Gemini people that they are too excelled at fooling people with all their mental and physical agility. They can convince you even against your own better judgement. What’s more? You are going to love them for it. Such is the Twin’s charm!

An Excessive of Mental Energy

Since they have too much nervous energy, Gemini people are most susceptible to insomnia as their mind at times completely refuse to stop and rest. It’s ironic that they can suffer nervous breakdown due to confinement and drudgery than mental restlessness.


A restless and unpredictable spirit, a Gemini man if one day could exhibit cheerful
disposition and princely charm, then there is high probability that very soon he could turn up as impatient, sarcastic and critical. This is the man whose whims change with the wind and whose life directions can change drastically. Remember his dual action can conceal his true intent and if you can discover that you are in for bliss.

Conflict And Duality

Conflicting ideas and conflicting thoughts – dualism is what the Gemini girl best personifies. Her imagination weaves some beautiful fantasies. A very lovely and gay companion, she sparkles with vivacity and can converse on almost any subject. While dating a Gemini girl you can be sure of discovering several women within her. She can be adorable, emotional, heartless, lovely and teary – all under one roof.


Many Geminis exhibit superficiality in their characters. They don’t wait enough to look deep within any person, instead judge them by the way they treat them. This can often leave a Gemini with wrong impression of people and ultimately problems in relationships. Rarely these twins will let you see how stress affects them. They want the world only to see them happy.

Is there a Gemini around you?

Congratulations if you have one Twin in your life. This social butterfly is very generous with their time and attention. You will never have a dull moment in life. Be careful not to pin them down. Let them be free.