Gemini Personality Traits: Characteristics The Advanced, Talented and Expressive One!


Gemini’s personality is generally born with some typical genius. More or less they are multi talented. Characteristics of Gemini’s are always on the quest for learning about new things; they never seem to have their full of knowledge. Since they are interested in different things at the same time, they get bored quickly and easily. So, in order to keep them within your sphere, you too need to be interested in many fields of subjects.

Gemini Facts of Men & Women:

Any Gemini person, a man or a woman, possesses a peculiar gift of truly understanding the multiple sides of any situation. Not only the pros and cons of any given situation, they know how to approach the circumstance from variety of angles. You will find often them anxious because their thoughts are numerous and are scattered all around them. It becomes difficult for them to communicate them all at the same time. This also makes Gemini’s appear two-faced personality since they offer at times perspectives that are almost contrary to each other, and this is what baffles the people.

They gather their peculiar understanding of things from the large number of people they meet and the experiences they have.

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Positive Characteristics of Gemini:

One thing that characterizes Geminis from other zodiac signs is that these people have a deep need to express themselves freely. If any Gemini can’t do well on verbal expression, he will express his feelings (which are always lots) through music, writing and story building.

These lovely and bright people are fickle and humorous but also short tempered. Since their mind is abuzz with hundreds of thoughts at any time, it triggers their temper suddenly if anyone stifles their expression. Although the sour mood lives short, and soon they will find something funny and burst out laughing.

Geminis men and women are very impulsive; they would be willing to try any new thing just out of curiosity. But there is no surety that they will keep pursuing that activity. Attention span of a Gemini is much short, since there are so many lovely distractions in world that catch a Gemini’s attention.

Strength of a Gemini Personality:

Gemini people are advanced; one can call them precocious. Their minds process vast amount of information very fast. They can absorb bits and bytes of information from their conversations with variety of people and myriad life experiences. A Gemini person loves sharing ideas and information.

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As a lover, you will find it little tough to match up with their mercurial nature since their moods fluctuate within seconds. Nevertheless they are quite a fun to be with. A Gemini as a partner will never let you get bored; he or she will always have something to interest you, and life will be a spontaneous ride.

As a parent, you will have to offer your Gemini child multiple options to keep him or her interested. When you find your child interested in any hobby, always encourage him to pursue that. Geminis often make a dream career out of their hobbies. Mothers and fathers must keep in mind that they never stifle their Gemini child from expressing himself. Curbing his or her need to express freely through any medium could make him or her sullen, depressive, even causing them mental illness.

Good news is that Geminis require their part of freedom, but they are not particularly rebellious. So, unlike with an Aquarian, you will find it easy to lead your child.

Ruled by Mercury  the planet of technology and communications Geminis personality are unusually excellent in Knowledge and Communication