Feng Shui Tips for Attracting Abundance & Wealth Locating Feng Shui Money Area and Knowing your personal Feng Shui Element

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When it comes to creating abundance and attracting wealth through the use of Feng Shui, cleansing and de-cluttering your living space is the first and foremost step towards it. Feng Shui is all about Energy and drawing in the magic and strength of the five Elements – earth, water, sky, fire and wood.

This is why clearing the negative, residual energy still residing in your home is of core importance. Read in our article varied methods of clearing your living space off any negative energy.

feng-shui-for-wealth-todayastrology Although there are a lot of ways that one can use in order to create abundance in life. However we would like to start with the very basic method, which is to decorate your home or office with Feng Shui wealth attracting objects. For this you need to first locate your Feng Shui money area. Start with de-cluttering you entire home or office. If you don’t know yet the immense benefits of de-cluttering your home, then visit our article Here.

Many people presume that what use it is to throw away all your old stuff when some day in the far future they might need that stuff and then they don’t want to miss out. But believe it or not, there are several seriously huge negative effects of that old pile of clothes you are never going to use again or that sack of school scrapbooks that you are not going to read again.

These old piles don’t just generate residual energy but can bring many good things in your life to a halt! So, better start with a proper de-cluttering your home. Find out the easy de-cluttering tips here . As soon as you start getting rid of your old useless stuff, your space will start feeling fresh and radiant.

Start with cleaning out with just a small room, and see how quickly you too will also feel unburdened! The old energy is leaving you.

Locating your Feng Shui Money Area

The Feng Shui wealth corner is that portion in your home or office where placing certain money cure objects can attract the positive energy generating abundance in one’s life. 

Feng Shui plant for Money Area As per traditional Feng Shui, the southeast corner of your home or office is considered as the wealth or money corner. You can also find your Feng Shui money corner by using the bagua. Interpret the bagua map by either using compass direction, or by locating the southeast portion in your living space by standing at the front door or entry facing in to any room.

For example:

  1. When you use the compass method, the wealth corner of any room, building, or home is the southeast corner (112° to 157.5°).
  2. When you stand at the entrance of your home, any room, building or space, then the wealth corner is considered as the back left corner of that space while standing at the entryway facing in.

Knowing your Personal Feng Shui Element

Personal Feng Shui Element  After you have located your personal Feng Shui wealth corner in your home or office, you can start decorating that space. However, before doing so you must know your personal Feng Shui element. 

There are five elements in Feng Shui – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Each of these elements possesses predominant energy quality that can support you in various ways and nourish your life.

Your personal Feng Shui birth element is determined by the Feng Shui element of your birth year. With the use of this Personal Feng Shui birth element chart  you can learn about your personal Feng Shui element and use that element in home decor and home Vastu to support your personal energy. Your particular element will also include particular colors that will bring good luck to you. 

List of Feng Shui Money Cures


Fish Aquarium:

In Feng Shui, aquariums are always considered to be very auspicious for wealth and prosperity. They are one of the most potent Feng Shui money cures that attract the energy of abundance. Fish Aquariums, when taken good care of work towards amplifying the positive energy in a space and attracting more wealth Chi.

Feng-shui- Fish Aquarium-placement

Fish Aquarium brings a harmonious balance of the five elements and draw in the abundance generating Chi. It has within it embedded all the five great elements, which are:




  1. Feng Shui water element (the water)
  2. Feng Shui earth element (gravel and the small rocks at the bottom of the aquarium)
  3. Feng Shui wood element (the tiny plants)
  4. Feng Shui fire element (the vivid and bright colors of the fishes)
  5. Feng Shui metal (the complete aquarium structure)

The most famous Feng Shui wealth fish is the arowana, or dragon fish. You can also put koi or goldfish. Put in your aquarium 8 or 9 fishes, one being black.

Make sure to keep your aquarium clean and beautiful. Never forget to take good care of it. If a fish accidentally dies, put another in it, thereby keeping the lucky number 8 or 9.

A word of caution: Never place the aquarium in your kitchen or your bedroom since it attracts inauspicious energy in these spaces.  

Chinese Coins:

The basic and most common use of Chinese coins in Feng Shui is for attracting wealth. These jingling coins also bring good luck and protect the space against the invasion of negative energy.

These coins provide financial stability in one’s life. Hence they must be kept hidden and away from intruding eyes.

In order to attract the energy of money, you should put these coins in your wallet or in a space where you put all your money. As per the Feng Shui rule, one should put three coins tied with a red ribbon.

The best coin cures are usually grouped in threes – a linked string or cluster of three, six or nine coins. As per the Feng Shui rule, these coins are connected to each other through a red ribbon or a red cord, since red is considered to be a prosperity symbol and it carries high, auspicious energy around it.

If you want to put them in your office in order to attract wealth there, put 6 to 9 coins tied together with red silk ribbon, and put them in the space where you usually put all your cash and other important financial papers.

Lucky Bamboo:

Many people find the sound of bamboo very soothing. The lucky bamboo is also another popular Feng Shui money cures.

 According to Feng Shui principles, the lucky bamboo plant attracts auspicious chi energy that promotes prosperity. It’s a living example of Feng Shui elements like water, wood, and earth. When placed correctly, these bamboo stalks can introduce the fine tuning of the fire and metal element for an overall complete balance of the five elements.

By producing various sounds through bamboo, you can also clean the energy of your living space and invigorate the dull energy. Specific number of bamboo stalks are used for specific purposes. 

For example:

  1. A single Bamboo stalk symbolizes long life filled with prosperity.
  2. Two bamboo stalks symbolize love and romance.
  3. Three bamboo stalks attract three types of luck – long life, happiness and wealth.
  4. Four bamboo stalks draw in negative energy.
  5. Five stalks promote health on multiple levels including physical, emotional, mental, intuitive, and spiritual.
  6. Six bamboo stalks bring prosperity and greater wealth.

Wealth Ship:

The wealth ship is an extremely sought-after wealth enhancer of Feng Shui. It is considered to bring wealth luck and success luck, it is placed specially in the homes as well as business turfs.

 When placed correctly, a Feng Shui wealth ship attracts various opportunities for business and makes your income flourish. You may even use more than one wealth ship in one area, since  that would symbolize manifold sources of earnings. To make your wealth ship you can load the ship with gold ingots, Feng Shui coins, or semi-precious stones, as well as artificial jewels.

While placing Feng Shui wealth ship, take special attention regarding its direction. A wealth ship facing outward will cause your luck to be pushed away. The objective of placing Feng Shui wealth ship is to portray that the ship is arriving home from its voyage, bringing back to you an abundance of fortune. So make sure its direction is facing towards your home or office.

Fountains for Wealth:

Water fountains are among the most popular Feng Shui money cures. In Feng Shui, water element is considered to bring you wealth and prosperity. It contains the power to eliminate the negatives and stuck energy and add vitality in the lives of those living in its space. By placing water fountain in your home or office, you activate the water element in that space, which further nourishes your chi energy, create new beginnings, and promotes abundance.

Feng Shui water fountains come in all types and sizes like table-top, wall-mounted, and free-standing. Fountains invoke the powerful energy of water element bringing in not only wealth and prosperity, but also change and movement. Do not forget that clean water always flushes out old and dead energy, thus making space for new and higher vibration.

You can place the water fountains inside or outside your home or in your office. However you must locate your Feng Shui fountain carefully so as to provide the most nourishing energy without causing any imbalance or conflict in that space. The movement of the water in the fountain directs, encourages and supports the flow of chi. Therefore, the direction the water flows is important in facilitating energy flow.

When you place outside your front door, make sure the water in the fountain flows towards the door, not in the opposite direction. Since  you want to direct the nourishing energy of water element into your home, not away from it. 

Although there is a huge list of Feng Shui money cures, we have only enlisted five most popular and most commonly used ones. The above mentioned Feng Shui objects help in attracting wealth and prosperity vibrations towards the space. Make sure that you clean the surrounding space and the Feng Shui objects at regular intervals.

Cleanse your living space using our various space-cleansing methods weekly or two to three times a month. It helps facilitate a healthy flow of chi. After all Feng Shui is all about Energy, the Chi!

A quote from Feng Shui master, Lillian Too:

The most important thing to understand is that Feng Shui is really about the energy surrounding you in your personal space!