17 Feng Shui tips for bedroom


Sleeping for almost 8 hours at night and still feeling lethargic in the morning, have you ever thought why all this happens? Apart from stress and anxiety, there are several other factors which can cause sleep deprivation. One of the most common reasons which may take away your sleep can be wrong Feng Shui in bedroom.

If you are struggling to get back your quality sleep in night, here are some Feng shui tips which you can implement, and you will see some positive changes in your sleep pattern.


Location of the bed

1). Bedroom should not be too large: Most of the people feel uncomfortable to sleep in a larger space. The vulnerability of sleep deprivation is quite higher in a larger room.

2). Bed should be placed against the wall: It sounds weird to place your bed near a wall, but still many people find that placing it against a solid surface provides a sense of security which can help you in falling asleep much easily.

3). Bed should never be placed next to a door: If you are living with tenants or annoying roommates who may have an unsystematic sleeping schedule then it is advised to avoid placing your bed next to a door as it can interrupt your sleeping routine.

4). Windows should be avoided while placing your bed: While placing a bed one should make sure that the head of the bed should not be situated underneath a window as it is a gateway between inside and outside world. The noise, shadows and light coming from it can cause sleeping disorders.

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5). Toilet wall should be avoided: While you are sleeping on a bed situated next to the toilet, you will always hear the sound of flushing and movement of the water through sewage pipes.

6). Kitchen wall should be avoided: Placing your bed near the kitchen is same as placing it above the kitchen stove. The fire energy releasing from stove can cause several health problems like insomnia which is a result of lack of quality sleep.

7). Slopes and slanted ceiling should be avoided: It is very difficult to sleep under a low roof-top and same goes with the slopes and slanted ceiling.  More you sleep under low ceiling more you face sleeping problems.

8). Never sleep under a beam: Sleeping under a beam will give you the same feeling of discomfort which you may feel when a sharp object is pointed at you.

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9). Dim lighting: As much as the light is low, it will let you feel more comfortable.

10). Curtains: Use some curtains which can block light coming from the doors and windows.

11). Keep your electronics away: Radiations coming from electronics can result as a hurdle between you and your quality sleep.

12). Avoid facing the mirrors: If there is mirror situated against your bed then any movement reflected in mirror can alert you.  

13). Avoid plants: Plants have a complex tendency to grow taller in night which releases some opposite energy and can cause a feeling of discomfort.

14). Remove water features: In day time these features look quite pleasing but in night it can disturb your feeling of serenity.

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15). Avoid dark colors: Dark colors like red, orange, green, etc. are not good for our eyes during night.

16). Obsessing Decors: Heavy sculptures should not be placed near a bed.

17). Unpleasant artworks and painting: Hanging a violent artwork on your bedroom wall will always interrupt your sleep.