Vastu Cleaning Tips on Diwali Festival Significance of Decluttering and cleaning the home


Vastu Shastra plays a crucial role in keeping balance among the elements in any space. This ensures that there remain only positive energies inside our home. However, during festivals like Diwali, the Vastu of entire home must be carefully taken care of. Any Vastu Dosh in this occasion can multiply the harm usually caused at any other time of the year.

Let’s know how to correct the Vastu of home during festive season.

Diwali, famously known as “The Festival of Lights” is celebrated exactly 20 days after
‘Dussehra’ on the dark night of ‘Amavasya’ of the Kartik month. During this festival, the homes are thoroughly cleaned; doors and windows are kept wide open so as to welcome the Goddess ‘Lakshmi’, the deity of wealth. People light candles and earthen (diyas) and brass lamps to welcome the deity. Sweets, gifts and greetings are exchanged with relatives and friends, and tasty festive meals are prepared.

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Apart from cleaning your entire home, there is a lot more one should not forget to do during
this festive season. Let’s know the important Vastu tips related to Diwali festival:

How to Clean the Home During Diwali Festival

1. When we start cleaning our homes, we often tend to forget the dark corners that are always neglected. This Diwali, clean all those long forgotten corners that you may have stuffed with broken, unused items. Bring freshness and positive energy in your property by whitewashing or simply applying a fresh coat of paint. Put a bright, new layer of paint on those dusty windows and rusty gates.

2. According to Vastu Shastra, salt plays a very significant role in absorbing the negative energies in any space. So include rock sea salt in your cleaning regime. You can either make a salt water solution and spray it in the corners, or put small amount of salts overnight in a glass bowl (only on Saturdays) in those spaces where you feel that energy isn’t right! However do not forget the bowls of salt next day as the salt absorbs the negativity from the atmosphere and stores in itself. You must
dispose of it properly by either flushing it in water or burying it in earth.

3. After all the cleaning is done, do not forget to light the entire space. There is a significance to the point of “Lighting the Home” in Diwali. Diwali is a festival that means victory of good/light over evil/darkness, so make sure to put light in all corners of your home. A well lit space is always in tune with prosperity, abundance and

4. Make use of Vastu in lighting the different directions, for example:

  1. In North direction, place the lights in hues of green, yellow and blue.

  2. For East direction, put lights in the hues of red, yellow and orange.

  3. In South direction, decorate with indigo, violet and moon-white light bulbs.

  4. In West, put more orange, yellow and pink color lights.

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“We at Today Astrology wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali. May Goddess Lakshmi

bless you with abundance in all areas of your life!“