Daily Tarot Card Reading 27- October 2021



You are either near the end of a project or at a crossroads, on the threshold of making an important change. 👼This card also indicates that it’s time to review and do some evaluation.🙇🧘 Make thoughtful judgements regarding your life and then make confident choices.🤗🤠

Rest easy, know that you’ve prepared well. Legal situations would be resolved in your favour.🌞 Those looking for academic examinations and certification tests will see success.👯

Many of you may be looking for a job or career change…or moving in a complete new direction.😀🌞

Life Experience🧚

Some recent event has been a wake-up call for you to make some life changes. This may be a new revelation or something you’ve known but have been procrastinating about. 👼🤠

Now you’ve realized that this situation can’t be ignored and action is necessary.🌞

This is a moment both of freedom and awakening. 🤗The way you see yourself and the world has forever changed, bringing you growth and encouraging you to spread your wings.🌞💞

Allow these new insights to motivate you to embrace the path of your heart’s true desires and your intuition.💯💓💕

Five of Water🧚

Things may not have turned out the way you expected.😭 Be careful not to focus too much on the negative, as there’s a positive in every situation. 🌼

You may be missing the silver lining. Fighting or trying to ignore change doesn’t serve you. Instead, have faith that everything happens for a reason.🤗

It’s healthy to grieve what has been lost and take the time to heal. 🧘🙇Reach out to friends, family and wise elders for support and comfort.🤗

Card also depicts the end of a relationship.🙅🌞