Daily Tarot Card Reading 19-Nov-21


The High Priestess🧚

The answers you seek lie in your feelings and emotions. The card tells you to trust your intuition and the power of your natural psychic abilities. 👼

Also, pay attention to your dreams and any intuitive messages you receive, as they’re accurately guiding you.💕
There’s no need to race into action right now, however. 🙅

Instead take time to gain more insight, since things may not be as they appear on the surface. 🙇

Withdraw from the noise of daily life and ask for guidance from your angels and guides. ❣️

Everything you need to know will be revealed to you in time; just have patience.💕❣️

The Lovers🧚the-lovers-tarot-card-reading

It talks about a significant relationship on your mind. It may be romantic in nature, or it may be an intimate but platonic friendship.💞 Communication is the key right now, and it’s important to develop trust within the relationship. You can safely share your feelings with someone close to you.🤗💕
It’s also time to make an important decision about your life. The conclusions you reach now greatly influence your future,🌞

so it’s important to weigh your options carefully. Make sure your choices are thoroughly considered and you’re able to act upon them.👼🙇
For many of you, there is need for balance in life. Some will return to good health.🧘🎉

The Chariot 🧚The Chariot

This cards means you’ve successfully balanced a recently challenging situation. So, congratulations!🎉

Your ability to see both sides, take action, and make decisions has garnered you approval, respect and gratitude. So, bask in the joy of what you’ve accomplished.🤠🌼

Stay calm and grounded, and be clear about what you’re trying to achieve🧘.

It’s important to show Self control, determination, and the willingness to go the distance at this time.🌞 Exercise control firmly, but kindly- with other people. 💞

For some travel is on cards. You have cultivated self discipline and sheer willpower.😊❣️