Daily Horoscope: Thursday – 22-Oct-2015

Aries Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

Something has stirred up today, and you need to rein in your anger unless you destroy things with your hurtful words. The current situation is tense enough not needing you to add fire to it. Use sometime to calm down your emotions and collect yourself and then state your message — that will leave a bigger impact.

Taurus Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You are uncharacteristically full of energy today, too ardent to take risks that you wouldn’t otherwise think of taking. You are restless, just waiting for throwing another mischief. The strength and the intensity of your energy and desires lurking beneath that is empowering you today. Be unconventional and original today; that will bring happiness to you.

Gemini Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

Some wonderful surprise is awaiting you today. But you feel some strange uncomfortable knot at the pit of your stomach. What’s before you is not the full story; you will have to wait to know the complete truth. Till the truth comes out clear, you can rely on your intuition that will surely guide you onto the right way.

Cancer Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You are too much into your goals; you are building up a serious, committed plan of action towards your ambitions. However, you might have a tough time expressing what you are thinking. Don’t resist yourself if your emotions take you today to an unchartered terrain. Don’t hold back; it might be an interesting journey for you that will bring to you some wonderful experience and wise lessons.

Leo Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

Think twice today before forming any friendship or partnership with anyone. You first need to check how deep the water is before plunging headfirst in it. The emotional currents could be so intense that for a moment you might be hugely confused as in what direction you are headed. So, test everything before committing to it.

Virgo Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You might pull back from expressing yourself if you feel someone criticism weighing heavily upon you. But you know one thing which is that you are already in a stronger position than you think. So, you need not waste energy proving to others your intentions. Follow your plan of action and others will admire you when they see the results.

Libra Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You might be feeling on edge today as everyone around you is busy in their own interests. but soon you will be able to bring back yourself to balance. Although people might behave recklessly or dodge their responsibilities, but you will regain your centre again and again as if nothing could derail you. A happy and peaceful day ahead!

Scorpio Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

Your relationships and finances are going though transition and this is keeping you up-tight in anxiety. You might not realize that your life is in much better shape now as the darker times are in past. All you need to do is to keep a firm hold of faith and hope and things shall be alright again.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You feel an inner turmoil today despite that your inner voice is assuring you that everything is going to be fine. Yet you are not willing to listen this optimism when it comes to managing your relationships. Listen to your heart. The strength of your inner faith could get you past this rough phase and clear away the confusion for you.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You are sincere in your approach towards your goals and deeply committed in all your hard efforts. But still you might second guess that what if you took the wrong decision and the wrong road to success. Though you are not seeing much of a success ahead, maintain persistence and the reward will approach you soon.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You might feel a desire for isolation now yet you must remain emotionally available in your relationships today. Bolts of lightning are surrounding you from everywhere and electricity is in the air. You don’t need to finalize anything or take any decision today. So, just enjoy the thrill now and keep tensions at bay.

Pisces Daily Horoscope 22-Oct-15

You are in the midst of a storm that you can’t control. You want to forget all your responsibilities for a little while and stay absorbed in your turmoil. There is lot more to it than what meets the eye. Instead of looking for someone outside for answers go deep within yourself. There you shall find peace and all your questions answered.